Herniated T 11-T12...

To keep this relatively short and sweet, this is not my first rodeo with spine injuries- unfortunately. My newest MRI showed a hernaition in T11-T12. I am experiencing the worst "on the surface" pain which is completely new to me. With any spine issue, I always had the pain and all the typical symptoms that accompany such. The pain I am experiencing now is a strong soreness to the touch. I can not lay flat on my back without having that pain flare up. Best way to describe it is correlating it to any bruise to you get by banging your knee, perhaps. (But this soreness is a bit more intense) When I curve my back, by bending, I slightly see my spine. In the area where the T11-T12 would be, is be bit more enlarged as well.

Some additional insight would be awesome, if any. Thanks!



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    I understand, I had a herniated disc at T12-L1, the difference between us was mine was a burning sensation, it felt like I was on fire, couldn't sit in a chair, lay on my back, my wife couldn't even touch my back, this lasted from Feb. 2018 until surgery which was in Nov. 2018, it was a painful surgery and recovery was hard, but the burning was gone when I woke up, there was a good deal of nerve pain that went with it also, surgeon said that it is a very sensitive area.What have your doctors told you about a treatment plan?Take care and keep us posted
  • I am scheduled for my first injection in a couple weeks. Hopefully that will help calm it down. But, in my opinion, injections do not work that great for me in other areas (Neck, and lower back). I will try this time since it will be the first time in thoracic. I have to try something! hoping something will give.

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  • I hope the injections give you some relief

  • @Challanger I am going to be having T7/8 and T12/L1 fusions done in October. Can you help me understand the recovery you went through? Also was it dont posterior or anterior? Were your ribs removed for the surgery to happen?

    Thank you for any input!

  • I actually did not have a fusion, my surgery was a discetomy and done posterior, no ribs were messed with at the t12-l1 level, I am not sure about your other level but being that it is higher there could be rib involvement.

    Write all of your questions down and take them with you to your next appointment. Let me know how it goes, I have found out that my disc has re-herniated and may need more surgery.

    Take care and keep us posted


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  • leed2501,

    I am wondering if you have had your surgery now?  I have several herniated discs in my thoracic spine and have had the surgery needed described to me.  The neurosurgeons have said they would have to go in at the side of my chest, deflate a lung and remove a rib to access the spine.  That sound like it might be what you need.  I have also been told that it is a very tough surgery to recover from; painful and long.

    I hope that you will find it not as bad as that and that it will lead to much help from pain.

    What were your symptoms before surgery?  My symptoms are getting worse, but not there all the time.  I will be having a fresh MRI scan in a 3T scanner next month to get clearer images of my spine and the cord where a couple of the discs are pressing into the cord.

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