L4/5 Microdiscectomy

hello! I am a 33 y/o female. I experienced a pain like never before last weekend while gardening and ended up in the ER. I couldn’t walk, sleep, eat... I was very scared.

 I ended up having a microdiscectomy on 6/6. I was wondering if anyone could provide feedback on their recovery process. I feel like everything as going smoothly, the only thing I’ve noticed is I am having pain in my tailbone if I sit and then stand. Anyone else have this?

When did you return to driving, work, etc? I have an office job.

My surgeon said I won’t start PT for 6 weeks but am doing small exercises at home that were given to me. 

Do people typically recover from this or am I facing a lifetime of back issues? I really hope not... thanks!



  • Recovery demands patience and optimism, because you will likely face symptoms after your anesthesia is completely out of your system.  Do everything your surgeon told you to do as far as exercises, because limiting the chance of scar tissue build is so important to your long-term comfort (protect the investment of your surgery).

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    Sounds like your surgery was successful, 

    Take care and keep us posted


  • Thank you! When did everyone start PT after their procedure? My doctor said 6 weeks. Does that sound accurate or too long to wait? 

  • For me PT was started after my 4 week checkup, I have read on here that some doctors start it earlier than that

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  • Hi I'm 34 and just had the same procedure. The first couple days for me were rough. Day 5 I had my sons birthday party so I had to do alot of walking and paid for it that night. My surgeon said listen to your body. If you feel pain it means your doing to much. When I have to sit or ride in a car I put a pillow behind my back and I sleep on my back with a pillow under the back of my knees. I tried sleeping on my side but it hurt to much. I'm at 2 weeks and 5 days right now. I have my follow up Thursday and was told no lifting twisting bending and no driving till I get the ok. A full recovery is 3 months which I was told by my doctor. During the day I walk around the house and outside for a bit just to stretch it out but most of the time I'm laying down to rest. I still have alot of pain on and off. From what I have been told is normal. Like chip said patience is key which I am trying to have. I also gained 6 pounds since surgery which I'm not happy about.  Things will get better just keep positive

  • Hi Jackie! Thanks for your experience. I am trying to be up and about as much as possible but not over due it. I have my first follow up next Friday. Looking forward to hearing the game plan for rehab and slowly getting back to normal! 

  • Hey Lb303. I went for my 3 week follow up and all the pain I was feeling is normal. She said when u sit ur back compresses that's why sitting is painfull and laying down is the best bet right now. She told me 4 more weeks of no driving and lifting. If I have to bend to bend at the knees and keep taking the muscle relaxers.  Hope ur doing good 

  • Hi everyone! Thanks for your responses. Over the past few days I have definitely had some nerve pain return in my leg (which is why I am wide awake and typing this at 2am!)  anyone else go through this? I am two weeks post op today.

    My surgeon told me to expect this - so I’m being optimistic but hoping it soon goes away. 

    I’m glad I found this site - I don’t know anyone personally that has dealt with this or any back injury before so it’s nice to have the support!

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