Sacrialic joint dysfunction and hip bursitis

I have bursitis in both hips!! From the start...i had l4/5 fusion 16 years ago with chronic pain from the off but also in my upper back now but was told for many years this was "normal" 7 years on I was diagnosed with thoracic arachnoid cyst t2-6 but still lower back pain..last year I was told the fusion had failed and would have done from the beginning (wasn't given a CT scan for 15 years only MRIs) I was also diagnosed with chronic sacrialic joint dysfunction and was braced up for 4 months and started pool therapy. Therapy got harder and my mobility got poorer over the months to the point I can now barely walk, stand or sit, I have been going out my mind. Last year I mentioned to my physio that I had pain in my ischial tuberosity but he said no it won't be, now I have hip bursitis, my right side started about 8 months ago but I thought it was my si joint, my leg kept locking and I've spent the best part of 2 years laid up with one flare up after another, going out of my mind!



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    I have had bursitis several times myself, my surgeon explained that we walk differently because of our backsYou said that your fusion had failed, what is your treatment plan for that?Take care and keep us posted
  • I had the lumbar nerves burnt 8 weeks ago that have worked great and nerve block in the si joints on Friday but still have a lot of pain like low back cramp. I'm seeing my rheumy on Monday so hope he can shed a bit more light in the bursitis and help me with it as docs don't seem to be bothered. My surgeon suggested 360 revision when he thought it was just the fusion but on my second visit to see him he couldn't be sure that it wasn't my si joint so I was fitted with a brace to see which joint was causing the problem..its both the fusion and so,  this makes things more complicated, another opp will put more strain on my si joints and L3 dosen't look good either. Thank you for your reply and I'm so sorry you suffer its heart breaking 

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  • cat

    I hope your doctors can figure this out quickly for you, you have been in pain long enough.

    Let us know what you find out


  • Cat88

      I was in pt for over 6 months for si joint dysfunction.  At first they had me in aqua therapy just as you really made it worse for me sacrum twisted and got locked my PM put me in regular and I did so much better..1 problem I think I had with the aqua is how small the pool was...and it had extremely strong jets so I was always struggling just trying to keep myself from being knocked across the pool pool was 1 of those small swim pools not a regular pool so it really wasnt the best..I did much better once I was on may want to see if that too works better for you.  Just a suggestion because I did learn so many good tools to use once I was doing regular floor pt.

  • Thank you for deleting my comment how rude

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  • I was tested for ankylosing spondylitis 3 years ago and came back negative however I do sometimes wander about that as I know it can take years to show on scans, the pain right now is burning and knoring from my waist all the way down into my butt, groin, whole right side down to my foot and a horrible nipping pain in the si area. At the moment I can just about get around for a few minutes then have to lie down, its driving me mad.

    Thanks guys for all your replies its really helping m

  • Also I have had pain in my right elbow for about 7 weeks now which I also thought was bursitis and maybe it is but it started with a bony lump and now I feel like I'm getting 2 or 3, I've had a sock bandage on through the day but it dosen't seem to be settling down, I feel like my body is falling to bits one thing after another

  • @cat88

      I feel your pain and your frustration.  I said the same thing my whole left side from head to toe is falling apart.  I keep telling all my doctors just grab flippin chain saw cut me in half and I'll happily just live off my right side. Its crazy.

      Si joint dysfunction is 1 of the worse things..because it affects everything. Spending your day along trying to get comfortable is very hard enough..and when you mix in goin pain and discomfort it really can make you feel ill.

       I'm hoping you can find some kind of relief good luck to you.

  • Thank you, you know when you feel you just need to sound off without boring your family anymore with it all

  • Hi guys, I have an update, I went to see my rheumatologist on Monday and he confirmed trochanteric bursitis/gluteal tendinopathy also 18 tender points with widespread pain, I am booked in at the end of July for an MRI and he has notified all the docs I am under to make them aware and to put a rehabilitation programme in place so for now I am gently stretching, ice and intermittent resting. 

    Boo9989 I also found that my QL (quadratus lumbarus) muscle has been going into spasm, I've started to stretch out gently and I'm already have some relief

    Thanks guys I will update if there is any 

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