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Diagnosed with herniated L5-S1, lumboscral spondylolisthesis, and spinal stenosis of lumbar region

So i am 22 years old, the herniation and disc problems occurred (im assuming) from a poor formed deadlift at the age of 19... i went 2+ years without and treatment or imaging, but over the past few months i have had some x-rays of my spine, leading to a lumbar mri.

Side note: literally the day after i met with a surgeon to discuss the mri, i had popped my back up again in the same way it felt with the original deadlift years ago. should i get a new mri? im worried

Durring the initial visit with my surgeon he suggested to do physical therapy and injections, im only doing the physical therapy because the pain isn’t much of an issue as long as i avoid irritation such as excessive bending and excessive activity... i have had a few flare ups over the years but they tend to go away, and i even was at a point after the initial injury where i was powerlifting again. but now powerlifting really takes a toll on me. Im worried that i will end up in a worse case scenario eventually.

Is it possible for me to loose sexual ability, i have less of a sex drive right now and have been dealing with a lot of emotional stress and a busy schedule, but i keep thinking it might have to do with this back issue.

Could the spinal stenosis end up ruining my ability to live a normal sex life? how do i stay aware of when it is worsening and what should i look out for to be aware of anything that would show my condition worsening?

If anyone can relate, please let me know, im battling this spinal issue as well as a sever breathing issue that has been going on for 4 years (since 18). my life is very stressful and depressing. im unable to do most things for myself physically without irritating my back and im always out of breathe from an issue i have yet to figure out even after thorough pulmonary testings.

bottemline here: i would appreciate any advice given the diagnosis above, in regards as to how i avoid losing sexual ability and avoid worsening this condition 



  • I agree with what Chip said on the closed thread: start with your back and go from there. If the sexual dysfunction is not the root cause it doesn’t seem beneficial to focus on that before focusing on your back.

    It’s unfortunate you waited 2-3 years to seek treatment as you could have been done with PT, injections, etc. years ago. Instead you’re just getting started.

    However we all have to start somewhere. Usually with a neurosurgeon or orthopedic spine surgeon. Good luck and please keep us updated.

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