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I need help with Lumbar stenosis

im 22 and have been diagnosed with a herniated L5-S1 with spondylolithesis lumbosacral region and spinal stenosis of the lumbar, i have had this for what i assume is atleast 2-3 years since a traumatic deadlift injury. 

i am very worried that i will loose my ability to have sex.

 i dont have much pain unless i am very active or irritate my back by bending and lifting too much... 

i have a a tingling weird feeling that goes from my lower back/right above butt, that flows downward towards my feet, and it kind of feels like im less sexually driven, like i used to be a rabbit and was always arroused, but now i have significantly less arrousal 

please give me an insight, and pm me or reply if you need any further information 

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