Feeling Worse or part of healing?

I am a 26 y/o male who currently weighs about 190 lbs. In High School, I weighed 300 lbs and carried that weight for a long time. I got down to about 200 lbs around 2014 and slowly got back up to 270 lbs by 2018. Since September of 2018, I have gone on a diet and have reached the weight I'm at now. I didn't do any exercise while losing this weight (I regret that) so I didn't help keep/build any muscle I was losing along with the fact. 

I've had on and off back pain for most my life, but it never stuck around too long or really altered my lifestyle. It was usually in my lower back or my shoulder blades and would be a full burning sensation or perhaps a tingling sensation. Fast forward the March of this year. Took a trip to Florida which had me in a car for hours at a time. After this trip, I started to get bouts of off balance feeling while up and walking around, along with the typical back pain. I dealt with it for a while but eventually decided to go to my local PT for a consultation. They did the typical evaluation and said it seems I have a herniation in my lower back and my neck causing nerve compression. Beside the off balance sensation I was getting, I didn't have any symptoms indicative of a pinched nerve. This office has extremely good reviews so I went along with it and started PT. Started out with so back and neck stretching to apparently increase range if motion and loosen up the pressure on the nerves. Seemed to be helping a bit for a few weeks but nothing major. The off balance feeling had gone away almost 100% after about 4 weeks....but then came new symptoms. I started getting tingling down my left arm and up the left side of my neck and face. It seemed to span the whole arm into the hand and was an obvious sign of nerve compression near the neck. I told the PT and they switched me to some different stretches. I also started strengthening exercises (plank, knee press, Bridges) around this time. Tingle symptom subsided a bit so we kept going in that direction. Fast forward to now, almost done with my 6th week of twice a week PT. I still have on and off tingle/dull pain on the left side arm and face, but I also have had an decrease in lower body strength (legs feel underperforming, very annoying) and some irritation around my knees and elbows. I think it might get worse a few hours after doing my core exercises, but I'm not sure if it's connected. mentioned this to my PT and they didn't really give me much of an answer other than I pushed my exercises a bit too much too fast. They cut those back but nothing has changed. I have an appoint Friday and I'm tempted to tell my PT that I don't want to continue my PT. I just don't know what the answer is. I've solved the off balance feeling but I've brought on 2  or 3 new issues. 



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    Congratulations on the weight loss, I know that had to be hard and you should be proud.
  • Congratulations also with the weight loss! As for your symptoms I totally agree with Chip, you need to find put what is going on before you do some permanent damage. Please keep me updated.


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  • I've stopped all PT exercises and I'm going to my regular doctor on Friday so I will be sure to give him a detailed account of what's going on and see about getting some testing done. It just scares me that I've somehow made things worse with PT and may have triggered something, considering the tingling/increased weakness didn't start up until I had done PT for a month. I'm young and love to do things outside in the summer, so the thought of not being able to do that stuff is honestly really bringing my mood down. I've dealt with depression in the past so you can imagine how this is going for me. My mind loves to jump to worst case scenario. I just want to figure out what's wrong and work on correcting it to get back to a healthy 26 y/o. I just hope I can still achieve that :( thank you for the recommendations

  • @Taegha

      First off I too want to congratulate you on your weight loss.

       And I am so happy to see you are not doing PT and are finally getting yourself checked out. Your symptoms concern me. I am not a doctor or a expert just someone that has suffered from Cord compression in my cervical neck and some of your symptoms may indicate that. Hopefully your doctor will send you for a MRI to rule that possible out.

      One issue I had with it when mine was compressed was weakness and a unbalanced feeling in my legs. I felt like I had a 1000 lbs weight on each leg and I would suddenly just tip somewhat to oneside and I tripped alot because the heaviness made it hard to lift my leg fully when I was walking.. My cord was compressing in at c5-7 at the time.

      Good luck with your doctors visit. Please keep us posted on what they find

      You may also want to read up on some of the articles they have here on the site on cervical myelopathy and see if any of it fits how your feeling.

  • I am glad you are going to see your doctor, write all of your symptoms down plus any questions you have and take the list with you, that way you don't forget anything while you are there

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  • @boo9989 that sounds sort of like what I'm having. I wouldn't say I have any issues lifting my legs to walk. I'm able to get out of my chair without the use of my arms with just minor resistance. They just feel like they are underperforming sometimes. I think the PT core exercises were a bad idea and this only got to this point after the fact. This morning my back was pretty sore but it subsided after a few hours. I've been really working on my posture and it has improved significantly. I have little to no forward head posture now and just feel more upright in general. Sitting up with good posture without the use of a backrest still causes tightness throughout my back...not sure if that's just weakness or what. Either way, I'm going to insist on some imaging when I go to the doc tomorrow because I need to try to see what the hell is going on. I've made strides everywhere to make myself healthy. Lost over 80 lbs. Blood pressure is perfect, my other vitals are great. I just hate that I try to do better for myself and have new issues cropping up. The human body is quite to asshole.

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    Building your core muscles are very important but sometimes when you have multiple undected issues pt can do more harm then good. It's always best to be thoroughly cleared by your doctor first. I did pt last summer/fall and ended up with shoulder problems and I was under a.doctors care but I dont know if anyone.else is having this problem..I go for 2 doctor for pain management..1 focuses on one part the other doctor another part..mix in a orthopedic for the shoulder ..I just find everyone.doesnt alway communicate with eachother and that how I ended up injuring my shoulder on top of all my other issues.

      At the time I was doing pt for my si joint but like you they had me doing alot of core work including alot of upper body aka bands , ball ect....but see my neck is having issue so I over compensated and ended up up with a ganglion around my ac joint and a small full thickness tear In my rotator cuff.  

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    @boo9989 now that you mention it, they had me doing bands as 5 different well as an arm bike. I had thoughts of those being a bad idea if I have something going on near the neck, but I listened anyway. I'm hoping I cut off PT soon enough to the point I didn't do anything too bad to myself. The core exercises only lasted 2 weeks

  • @Taegha

       Keep me posted on what your doctor says and what your final dx is good luck  :)

  • Saw my doc. Because of insurance we have to go through the motions to get to a closer look at the spine like an MRI. He ordered blood test to check for inflammation markers, hormone, and a few other things I can't remember. He also ordered x Ray's of the cervical and lumbar regions. He said it's the only imaging he can get approved right now. I'm waiting for those tests as I type this. I have a follow up mid July where he will look at these test and go from there. He checked my strength, coordination, reflexes and all were good. He said my reflexes might even be a bit hyper. 

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