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Returning to old activities?

I had a microdiscectomy and am only one week post op. I know I have a ways to go but I can’t help think about the future... are most people able to return to sports and activities they used to do? I’m an avid skier and am worried it might be something I’m told to avoid.

I’m probably just paranoid but are there certain activities your docs recommend you never do again that you used to love to do?



  • I had a microdiscectomy L4/L5 on 6/6

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    I alwys say, the surgeon did his job, the rest is left up to you. Recovery takes time and patience as the link below will tell you about.

    recovery, the most important phase - patience required

    Go by your surgeons instructions and walk a lot. Stay positive, keep telling yourself you can do this.
    Take care and keep us posted on how you are doing.

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  • @lb303,

    I had a microdisectomy on L5-S1 in 2014.  Foolishly, after surgery I went out and pushed myself the way I used to push myself.  Bad bad bad idea.  I didn't want to accept that I couldn't do the things I used to do.  As a result I am 8 weeks post op L5-S1 fusion.  Great news is no more pain.  I have a little discomfort,  but my pain is gone.

    I had a doctor tell me that compression of the discs are my biggest enemy.  It is the downward force and pressure on the ruptured disc that did me in after surgery.  Like a jelly doughnut being squished out.

    Now after fusion surgery,  I realize I'm not 20 years old anymore and I need to change my life and lifestyle.  I don't want to have another surgery again.  Instead of lifting weights and power lifting squats, I now swim.

    Would I like to go on the backside of a ski area that is double diamond?  Hell yeah. Will it hurt and compromise my back?  Hell yeah.  My back and health is more valuable that going boarding or skiing.

    The only thing certain in life is change.  If I don't embrace change, life will still change me whether I like it or not.  Good luck!


  • Thank you all for your feedback! I guess I’m just anxious to see what the future holds. I would be willing to give up anything if it means the health and safety of my back. This is something I never want to go thru again. 

    Before this, I had never had a surgery or any major medical event in my life so it has definitely been challenging. I go in for my first post op visit in two days so fingers crossed that everything looks good! 

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