Hip discrepancy post L5-S1 fusion

Hi this is my first time posting. I had a ruptured disc that required a fusion. I did great for the first year post op. I was completely off of meds and back to my 12 hour shifts at the hospital. After a year or so I started experiencing spasms again and slowly the lower back pain and nerve pain came back. Now I'm feeling almost just as bad as before the fusion. I have been seeing pain management clinics and ortho and PT. Which is how I found out that my left leg is not a quarter of an inch shorter than my right leg. I did not have this problem pre surgery. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced it and if so what did you do about it? I work out as best as I can, I have an insert in my shoe as well and I am back on meds to control it as best as possible, which is still not great. Any advice is welcome.



  • Welcome to the forum. All physical therapists I’ve seen have said 1/4” difference isn’t that bad. In fact a lot of people have up to 1/4” difference. I have a 3/4” difference.

    Maybe the issue isn’t related to the leg length discrepancy?

  • Testing.

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  •    I didnt have lower back surgery but I do get leg discrepancies .Mine is caused by si joint dysfunction which is causing my hip to rotate then it is causing my left hip to lift up which inturn causes the leg discrepancy.  Your in pt..has your therapist mentioned possibly this could be the cause ? I know quite a few people who went around for years with a dx of lumbar problems..had surgery only to discover the true source of pain was from the si joint. 

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    Have you had any recent diagnostic testing? Mine has always been bursitis, but I usually do not have the spasms that you're talking about.
    Good luck and keep us posted
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