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Now what do I do??

Hello everybody, 

49 year old female  induced  menopause by hysterectomy at age 25. I was told then that I had ostiopena, to increase milk intake and I'd be fine. I've had a number of health issues through life, heart operation at 12, hysterectomy at 25, emergency porta cath removal due to body rejection@33, gallbladder removed  @35, my back? Never an issue. Fast forward to last week, I woke up to an excrutiating sharp shooting spinal pain, it felt like somebody was literally twisting my spine like a wet rag. I couldn't bend, stand, barely move period. Ambulance took me to hospital where I was given meds and had MRI. They say I have moderate degenerate changes, L1-2 protrusion causing radicalopathy and foraminal stenosis, also lumbar curve/ levoscoliosis. Immediately referred me to neurosurgeon. Problem: I just moved back to Nebraska I'm searching for work but the pain is making it hard for me to function. It's more of a constant dull ache that radiates between my ribs around to my hips. I feel full almost like I did when I was pregnant just yuck. I have no insurance and everyone wants 4-500 up front BeFORE they will even see me. I'm depressed, frustrated and feeling defeated. If anyone has any advice, please do tell. I've filled out all paperwork for aid through the hospital and State. Don't qualify for state and the 4-500 is still required regardless of aid or not. 



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    Welcome to the forum. 

    Any chance you can get Medicaid? If you’re not working you may immediately qualify for Medicaid.

    I also have L1-L2 herniated disc. A very rare disc to herniate.

    Do you have any groin pain? Usually L1 radiculopathy causes groin pain.

    How did they diagnose radiculopathy?

    I only ask because it’s very difficult to diagnose L1 radiculopathy.

    Usually an EMG cannot diagnose upper lumbar radiculopathy.

    Please keep us posted and good luck with things.

  • Dang Depression! It's as serious as every other issue you're juggling. I hope moving back to Nebraska means you have the emotional support of family and friends. It takes a strong person to ask for help. Please keep asking. Solutions may come from unexpected directions. Wishing you comfort and success.

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  • First off, to those that have left comments, thank you, I appreciate the advice. I probably need to be a lil more specific so I don't confuse anyone. I was diagnosed by cat scan and MRI with L1-2 protrusion causing L2 radicalopathy. I have moderate degeneration on multiple levels, with mild/moderate forminal stenosis and mild left lumbar curvature/ levoscoliosis. I have applied for Medicaid but do not qualify. The Drs office called me today after they found out I hadn't been seen due to cost. Apparently this diagnosis in addition to my current health is not a good combination and they are concerned. So much so that she made some calls and I now have a appointment with the med center this week. I'm expecting more test probably a myelogram, and who knows. I think their worried about possible tumor as cause. The L1-2 protrusion is rare and the lumbar curve is definitely a recent happening. As far as emotional support? Sadly, none, I lost both parents to cancer many years ago,other than my 2 children which have families of their own, there's really noone to lean on. Im staying with a friend now who helps with living expenses and transportation. Progress has been slow going for some time, as one step forward seems to send me three steps back. Frustration is felt from all angles. Deservingly so I guess, but still, for me, makes believing in happier days hard to do. Thanks again for your advice. Healing thoughts and prayers for all to be healthy again. 

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    I’m so glad you have a friend who is helping you.

    Did they say why you don’t qualify for Medicaid?

    The only reason I can think of is you have too much $$ in your bank account, especially given you’re not working. 

    I don’t know a single soul who isn’t working who hasn’t qualified for Medicaid. Maybe you have a unique situation ... not sure. 

    Can I ask what type of doctor diagnosed radiculopathy? A neurosurgeon or orthopedic? Just curious.

    Please keep us posted on things. I wish you had more support!  :'(

  • I had to laugh at the bank account comment, the answer is a big no. I have nothing in savings and currently unemployed. In Nebraska if your not on disability, have a hundred kids or  minority/immigrant you don't qualify for Medicaid. The neurologist went over the radiologist report with my internal medicine Dr. Together?, They came to that diagnosis. Other than that, I've not seen the neurosurgeon yet. I also have to see a cardiologist for my heart. I have a bicuspid aortic valve disorder with syncope, also a pda valve replacement at age 12. In 2003 my  body rejected and literally pushed out a porta catheter. Noone will touch me unless cleared by cardiologist. 

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  • Texas is also very Medicaid limited. The human services disparity among the states is astonishing. My relatives in Vermont and Oregon don't have a clue how tough it is in Texas to get benefits of any kind. Texas refuses federal funds. Nebraska may be the same. It stinks.

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