Failed Laminectomy?

I had a laminectomy/disectomy 8/19. I've done GREAT until about 5 weeks ago. I stood up from sitting leaned back in a stretch like and felt a sharp, hot pain. Since then things have started getting progressively worse. My leg is starting to twitch again, my leg is spasming from my butt to my calf, my last 2 toes are tingling and my back has this annoying ache or straight up knot of pain. 

I went to see my surgeon last week hoping he'd say it was just an arthritis flair up, give me prednisone and send me on my way.  Nope. He's concerned - and the facial expression alone has me worried. The prednisone hasn't done much if anything. 

My question is has anyone else experienced this? I'm 10 months out from surgery and was living my best life and now am seeing myself start to slip into that hurt, sad self again. 

I've got an MRI scheduled, I just figured I'd see if anyone had any ideas before I go down the dark Google hole.  



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     I connected with your "down the dark Google hole" comment.  We are all supposed to appreciate each moment of our lives, but when you're in pain it's not an easy thing to do at all.  I'm assuming you are still keeping up with physical therapy?  Let us know how the MRI turns out.  Hoping this is just a short set-back for you.

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    I know this is hard to do but while waiting on your MRI, try your best to not stress out over this, it will only make the situation worse, I know because I have done it myself

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  • I’m in the same boat as you. Had Laminectomy 2 years ago with 50 percent success. All of a sudden I’m back to pre surgery pain. My doc suggested we try an epidural cortisone injection. Thoughts of redoing that laminectomy experience makes me want to cry!. If injection doesn’t work he wants to go back in and as he so casually says “clean up “ the area a bit more.

  • I'm a year and a month out from my laminectomy discectomy and I am fearful I have reherniated. Before my surgery it took me four months to get to this point of barely able to walk because of pain and numbness. It has taken one month, since I picked up a large heavy tote and immediately felt pain and dropped it and I am already at this point. No insurance, need like $5,000 worth of medical bills to be approved for Medicaid, my husband has been laid off most of the year and recently started working again, but at a salary that is 1/3 of his regular job so we can't afford to pay out of pocket. Feeling lost. Hope you are doing well and get some answers.

  • My laminectomy was done 8/2017 worked for my left side but created another problem in the middle of my low back on the belt line. A constant nerve pain and spasm since the surgery. I have had 8 injections, medial branch block and RFA. My injections only lasted about 5 days then nerve pain and spasm come right back. I have done physical therapy, massage therapy, and acupunture and nothing seems to be relieving the nerve pain. I had an MRI it doesn't show the scar tissue to be close to a nerve but scar tissue does keep growing. I did stem cell injections in May 2019 so far not much change. I'm doing chiropractic, decompression and physical therapy again. We will see what happens next. I'm on a quest to figure this out. Don't give up hope.

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  • Wow. I really feel bad for everyone who has commented. I am 64 years old, have always been very active until I had L5 S1 fusion in May 2019. First I had a real bad time with the nerve in the left leg and foot. From the knee down it was the worst pain I've ever felt in my life including natural childbirth..... Okay, I'm past that thanks to determination and a lots of massaging of the nerve.  Hurt?  YES !!! it hurt but I did it anyway. I had a great procedure called OLLIF.....5 small incisions and band-aids. Healed in 6 weeks. Doing great with that it is, about 4 1/2 months later, I can barely walk and the low back pain and left hip bursitis (and out of place) is kicking my behind. 

    I have always gotten a rash to any metal that is against my skin for a few hours or more and is not gold or silver. This makes me wonder if I'm allergic to the materials used in my back. I go to the doctor tomorrow and I'm going to insist that he order the proper tests to find out. I hope they can take it out. My back should be fused by now but can it be removed without replaced?

    I'm so tired of hurting. I have things to do.

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