Nerve burning

I had a Rhizotomy or nerves burned Friday. I'm having shooting pain in both legs and up my back, back muscle pain and fatigue. Is this normal? I've been icing it 20 min on and off all day. It's fine sitting, but then suddenly shooting pain. Walking makes it even worse, and stretching isn't happening. I can't bend over due to the pain. 



  • Have you contacted your surgeon yet?  I certainly would - let us know if things are getting better at all for you.

  • I did. They said this is all normal for 2 weeks. They also said it could be 6 weeks now for recovery. They never mentioned that when I was there. 

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  • Now I have a shooting pain down my thigh. But they said that's normal to. Also I can hear and feel my discs popping in and out. 

  • It's been a few months now. It worked!!! I can now walk long distances, get groceries, and be normal again!!! Definitely doing it again when they grow back. 

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    Great news, I'm so glad it worked!!
    I hope you do not mind but I bookmarked your discussion for other members that may be going thru this same thing. Hopefully, it will help others.

    Thanks for the update
    Veritas Health Forums Moderator

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  • I'm so glad that it worked! I don't mind you bookmarking it at all. 

  • snowvail, you are very brave! I'm not sure I can go through that kind of pain. How long did it actually take before the pain subsided and you started getting relief? Obviously you think it was worth it. So glad it worked for you, I've read a lot of comments from people who didn't get relief. 

  • snowvail,

    Thank you for coming back and letting us know that you did get relief!  i am awaiting nerve ablation in my lumbar spine and am very hopeful that it will help my lower back and also my pain on walking that is getting worse and worse.

    How long were you suffering with pain after this procedure?  We are booked to go on a spring cherry blossom cruise in Japan next year and I am so hoping that my walking will be easier for that.

    I would be very interested to hear about the actual procedure and what they did too.  Did you have facet joint injections before the ablation to check that they were pain generators?

    I hope you will see this :)

  • This is good news to hear!  I'm having this procedure done in January... keeping my fingers crossed for similar relief!

  • I hope that it will go well for you and that it gives you relief from pain for a nice long time.

    Please do come back and let us know how the procedure went and how much pain relief you get.

  • Joanne2, it was immediate relief from standing up on the table! It was more muscle pain from the needles for a few days after. But that weekend, had procedure done on a Friday, I wanted to go walking and dance around haha. But the doctor said I had to take it easy. 

    Jellyhall, I think after the procedure I was at work that next Monday but used an ice pack on and off all day for about a week and a half. Mostly muscle pain from the 6 needles though. Big needles going through the muscle! Before the procedure we went around the Omaha Zoo and I could only walk 5 min then stop to rest my back. Now I can walk for hours and no issue!!! Have a great time in Japan! As for the procedure, it was like facet joint injections that I had but more of a burning feeling. He had to dig some to get the right spot. I definitely felt that and you can hear the needle hit the bones. Just want you to know what to expect and not be surprised by that like I was. It took maybe 15 minutes or 20 at the most for the whole thing. Very easy and once I stood up that nerve pain was gone!!! I had to do cortisone shots, facet joint injections, and medial branch block before they'd do the rhizotomy. Well worth the rhizotomy though. 

    Mjcg, did you get relief?

    Jennyhall, it is still 8 months since the rhizotomy and still having great relief. Some days I tweak my back and some pain will sneak in but after rest and ice it's back to feeling better. 

  • Percutaneous rhizotomies have been my saving grace for SI joint, cervical, and lower lumbar issues; I don't know what I would have done without them!

  • snowvail and TracyLynne,

    Thanks for coming to share your experiences with us.

    It does sound like the ablation of the nerves has helped you both.  The Pain Consultant wants to start again with me because he said that the facet joint injections with steroid would have clouded where my pain is coming from.  So he will do Medial Branch Blocks (up to 6 injections) with anaesthetic only and if I get relief for 2 or 3 hours and the pain then comes back, that will indicate that we have found the pain generator and he will go on to do the ablation.

    snowvail, our Japanese cruise was booked on the Diamond Princess, the ship that was in quarantine in Japan for so long.  It has been cancelled, which we are relieved about and will get all our money back because they cancelled, not us.   Hopefully we will be able to try to book again in a year or two.

  • Sorry I've been away awhile.  The procedure I had was called Radio Frequency Ablation - burning the outer casing of the nerve sending pain signals to my old brain.  I did not find relief immediately following the procedure.  I thought the process had failed until day 14 when I woke up to no pain.  No pain!!  I couldn't even believe it was true.  I spent two weeks walking around carefully for fear the pain would return.  Today I'd rate my lower back pain level between 1-2.  Part of me believes some of this mild pain is stress induced with all that's going on right now with NOVID-19.  But it's a thousand times better than it was before.  My spine specialist says that if the pain returns we can try the procedure again.  He also says it's possible it won't ever return.  I could only wish!  I wish pain free lives for everyone.  Now I'm focusing on strengthening my core and back muscles (as carefully as possible).

  • Jellyhall, I hope they find the spot that causing you pain and you get relief. 

    Mjcg, I am glad to hear it worked for you and that you might not need to have it done again!

  • mjcg and snowvail,  thank you for your replies.  As for me, everything is on hold now in our hospitals because of the COVID-19.  I have no idea when things will happen now.  Most outpatients appointments, if they do go ahead, are becoming telephone appointments now, even for quite serious issues.

    Stay safe and well everyone.

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