where to begin. I am a nurse have been for 35 yrs was an nurse aide 5 yrs before that. I am frustrated beyond belief.  I started with neck pain in 2000. By 2004 I lost 30% of my strength in my right arm. I was and still solo have temperature changes in my right hand( it gets cold). I had a c5-6 fusion, that neurosurgeon said it was much worse than mri showed when he got in there. I had most of my strength back except I continued to not be able to open jars. My neck pain was better for awhile however never really went away. I did physical therapy on and off over the years, I even have a tens unit. In about February of this year I developed increased neck pain and intermittent tingling that would start in my neck, top of shoulder go down my back a little down my chest , half way up my neck and ear. I would move my neck into a better position when it occurs and it would stop.  I began with pain in both my deltoid muscles.  A new mri shows foramina narrowing nerve root compression, herniated disc, multiple levels. On both sides. I also have unrelated vertigo. My primary send me to pain specialist whom I told all my symptoms. He did oral steroids and gabapentin. I had a little improvement. He did and EMG which showed muscle weakness bilateral upper arms.  With that visit he says that my face tingling can’t be from the cervical nerves. He says if I have vertigo then I need my brain checked out. Then I went back to my primary who says the vertigo is unrelated but still can’t tell me what is causing the numbness and tingling that starts in my neck shoulder and travels up and a little down my body. So I go to see a neurosurgeon. Basically said it’s not anatomically possible for nerves in my neck to cause the tingling in my face. however I do have positive Hoffman’s sign and patellar hyper reflexes. Which indicates nerve compression. She can fix the upper arm pain but my chronic neck pain would get worse. Was I willing to trade off. She has not one ounce of empathy. I asked her what was causing the tingling she shrugged her shoulders. I asked her if I should have a brain mri since cranial nerves supply my face and she never answered. So I went back to my primary. Who ordered the brain mri. I haven’t seen the breakdown report however there are not any tumors or nothing “bad.” I then got a steroid injection cervical. I know it takes a bit of time however I’m still in pain. My gait is off some intermittently. Seems my vertigo is worse , I still have arm pain and neck pain and now I have some thoracic pain like a tight band is going from center back around to my sides.  I can’t sit or stand for long times lying down helps. I mentioned disability to my primary who said “ I usually reserve that for my severe patients.  I think nurses are treated differently. all the years we give doing work that is akin to being a construction worker. They think we are invincible. If anyone has any insight I would be very interested in hearing what you have to say. Thank you



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  • It’s as if doctors think medical people are invincible 

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  • Thanks for the info/ responses. I am to the point I want to apply for disability however I can not afford to wait forever for it. It’s a catch 22. 

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    Again what I'm about to say is based on my own experience.


      Funny I always tell my doctors what came first the chicken or the egg...first off I've had multiple neck surgeries and again am going through what they call adjacent level failure. The levels that are failing are c3/4 and c7/t1.  I am already  fused c4-7  both anterior and posterior  ..I too get alot of  numbness in my ear , jaw ofcourse neck ect . I too have to readjust my neck position for it too stop. But the most fun is how over the years  which started out as a neck work injury in 2002 now affect all of my left side from neck to feet...neck , shoulder , arm , lower back and si I for one know what came first my this is only my opinion  I do think once you have spine issue you can go on and continue to have issue in different areas..I think to do with loss of mobility in certain segments of the spine causing stress all along the remember the old song..knee bone connected to foot on and so forth..maybe I'm wrong..correct me.if I am..but it sure does seem that way..

  • My complete sympathy. Been through much of what you are experiencing.  I was having some intense vertigo and casually mentioned it to the neurologist. She ordered blood work for B12 and copper. Copper was okay but the B12 was off the chart low. Did weekly injections for three months and still take B12 orally.  I still have vertigo on occasion but not the wild whirling loosing my balance type.

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    I had tingling and numbness on the left side of my face until my surgeon fused a couple of cervical levels. After the neck fusions the tingling and numbness in my face were gone so I'm surprised by the comment of your pain specialist about cervical levels do not cause tingling in the face. Maybe you need a second opinion???

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