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Anyone else with upper back pain near the site of the lead insertion?

 I am about three weeks postop with a spinal cord stimulator for low back pain. For the last two of weeks I’ve been experiencing severe upper back pain to the right of the location where the leads are placed. If I stand for my period of time (5 min+) it kicks in and it feels like I’m being stabbed repeatedly in that location, I’m not sure if it’s just a pulled muscle , Something that I did the first week of recovery without realizing it or if it’s something related to the placement of the leads. Therefore I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue. 

My experience has not been so great, after the first week the stimulator started out of the blue making me extremely dizzy (anyone else have this issue?) so we had to turn it off until I could meet to have it remapped. It’s been remapped but the pain relief is negligible. In addition I’ve had swelling (hematoma) around the battery site,  I already had it drained once (100cc of blood) and it looks like I’m going to have to go back and have it drained again because the swelling has returned. All told,  i’m starting to really regret my decision to have this done. I promised myself after the third fusion surgery that I would never have a surgery again on my back, and then I broke my promise to have this done. 

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    I had a SCS for several years, it has since been removed because it quit working after a fusion surgery, after the surgery to implant the SCS I had problems with pain and swelling for about 6 weeks, after that everything seemed to settle down and it worked really well, the surgeon told me that it took at least 6 weeks for the leads to scar in.


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    I am so sorry you have been experiencing so many problems with the SCS. I also had one and within a month had it and all leads removed. I had too much nerve damage and it was making it worse.

    I really hope you get yours figured out. Please keep us posted.

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