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Post-Op Must Haves



  • I tried to be as prepared for this as possible....bought the Ensure shakes, lots of pudding and soft foods....and all I can really have is popsicles. Even water is going down hard. I felt like I was drowning a few times. The nurse called me this morning to find out how I was doing and she stick with the popsicles for a few days because the cold will sooth the throat. Man am I having a rough time with this. But even with all the small complications....I feel much better than I did before the surgery.
  • What a great list, I thought I had everything I needed but after reading the list there was few things I forgot or just didn't think about.
    I decided to rent me a hospital bed (semi electric) to see if it would help me sleep and relieve some of my pain. I am so glad because it is helping. I got it through my local drug store for $150.00 per month at no extra cost for delivery and setting it up. I did go buy me a memory foam topper to help. I set it up in my family room where the big TV is and closer to the kitchen! ;) My surgery is next Wendesday, ALIF L5-S1
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  • By far the most useful thing I purchased prior to my lumbar fusion/decompression is the "grabber." I'm 2 weeks post op and I don't know what I would have done without it. I even use it to get clothes out of the dryer and feed my dogs! The one I have is called EZ Grabber and is made by Carex. Should be able to google it. Also, I thing our local Eckerds (I think it has a new name) has them.
  • I think the above list is great--wish i had found it before surgery-HA!

    I live in NH in the mountains and we have now had snow for a couple weeks. I bought a pair of ice grabbers to put on my boots. They have little titanium (i think) picks which can be replaced for 8 a set. I have had these for several years and still have not had to replace original ones. I also bought a ice prong for my cane that flips up out of way when not in use ($6.95). Very helpful!

    the only other thing I think I would recommend is some kind of instrument to use in the bathroom to wipe oneself. I know several other people who said they struggled with this. They make special care tongs but the are pricey. I saw something at Walmart in the medical area which could work. I used a pair of kitchen tongs that had metal rounded ends, easy to hold paper and to sanitize.

    Thanks to everyone for their good ideas.


    Herniated disc at work L5- S-1, failed microdiscectomy 2003
    9/2008 micro PLIF 2 levels w/ instrumentation and BMP
  • My surgery for aftificial disk replacment is in 3 weeks.How long before I can drive?
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  • Just a couple additions for the Post-Op must haves:

    1. Access to this forum. It's the best support available and it's 24/7 and free! (Be sure to hang around following your surgery to provide support to other members and newbies.)
    2. A positive attitude (although a few pity parties are allowed and understood and as long as the party doesn't last too long). ;)
  • and I have mine printed out and have somethings already.
    As for having your husband stay with you I think that is the best thing if you do not have anyone to help you after you come home. I will have my husband and my mom will also stop in to help and visit to make sure I am doing okay. Now just the wait.
  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,609

    Thanks to list that Amy (saltzworks)put togetehr, this information is now available for everyone via FAQ
  • I have my list ready and surgery is 4 days away. Boy am I nervous.
  • My sister who lived just next door to me stayed with me for the first two weeks just in case and that helped alot. I was afraid of falling, not eating enough, etc etc.

    Evelyn :H
    Had PLIF in 2008 and a Laminectomy. One level fusion, L4-L5.
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