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Post-Op Must Haves



  • MizTexasMMizTexas Posts: 32
    edited 10/09/2018 - 10:09 AM

    I have questions about sheets. After reading this excellent list - I looked at sheets until my little head was spinning. Silk is out of my price range. Satin seems to be a good alternative but it doesn't breathe and people complain about their pillow sliding around. If mine falls off the bed, I won't be able to get it back!  :o

    Does anyone have Bamboo? I'm looking for slippery and something that I won't get sweaty in. I sleep nekkid but I might be convinced to put on a slippery shirt if it makes it easier for me to turn from side to side. 

    I'm prepping for an L3/L4 ALIF, btw. 


  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 385

    Those of you that had or have someone to help you so much are very fortunate. I, on the other hand, am married to a woman who should have been a Sergeants Major in the British Royal Marines or the US Marine Corps! She is a Brit BTW and I'm a retired US Marine Corps CWO so I'm used to tough love (love?) LOL I frequently call her or refer to her as sergeants major!! Yes, if you can have the help by all means please take advantage of it and make sure you say thank you and please often!

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  • Joel1QJJoel1Q Posts: 332
    edited 10/09/2018 - 11:13 PM

    Excellent point Jerome- number 1 is help and family support infrastructure.  Positive attitude and All else is gravy.  

    Good luck Texas, I do not recommend satin sheets and pajamas 

    L3-S1 ALIF Feb 2018 and 

    L3-S1 PLIF Laminectomy and Fusion March 2018

  • My hubby worked from home the first couple of weeks so that he could care for me while still being able to work. He's a computer programmer, so he was able to do that. Meetings were phone or teleconference.

    A couple of things that I found invaluable for recovery are my adjustable bed (we have 2 twin XL beds pushed together), and my power lift recliner. Both were found on Amazon. I'm not sure of the brands, but both were very reasonable. 

    Thanks for posting this list. I found it after surgery, but I'm planning a lumbar surgery in December, so I'll check back.

  • I would add dried fruit and an over-the-counter stool softener. 3-5 days before surgery to avoid constipation from anesthesia and/or narcotics!

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  • great list , my question is for ACDF . is it necessary to have someone to help . 

  • 'So many spiny members'!!  Great list. I see comments going back to 2008!

  • My head is spinning with post #2 as I try to get ready to support my little prepared husband for his surgery, he claims he wants in two weeks. I would agree with the surgery 100%, but this list scares me that I am not ready. I am a total type A personality and will be there for his every need.

     Short details: hubby is active 63 and is having a C1-C-3(?j laminectomy with rods and platesh, from a prior issue with a broken neck 40 years ago… Body surfing) He is in no pain, He is experiencing continued progressive hand/feet numbness, and we feel it’s essential as a preventative measure. We have another appointment with dr, in 2 days To get more details, and answer questions and concerns we have. But according to his schedule he could do the surgery as soon as two weeks, if desired.

    Thank you all for your input in this forum as we start this new journey in our lives.

  • We are very new to this entire scenario, so forgive my inappropriate use of terms.

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