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Post-Op Must Haves



  • Immyali - EXCELLENT post!

    Love the laminated tags for the bags - sheesh, I need to do that now - we are always forgetting something!

    I agree on accepting help when it's offered, wonderful advice. You DO have to care for yourself and part of that is letting go and letting others help.
  • My surgery is not planned yet, i go back in October to the Dr, with the CT Scan results along with the MRI, I have spondylolysis, and herniated disk, L5 L4.Pain and pins and needles down both legs and bad pain in my right lumber so bad i want to scream, He told me i would need a fusion, i must say im so scared, I have had 9 surgerys on my knee, finally in 2005. had hardwear put in i dont have a knee cap but the rest is metal, and have not looked back but the pain after the surgery was very badk and im so afraid of going thru this. Anyway i have the list and have already started to plan, the surgery will be in December. Thanks for all the posts. Josie
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  • This is just what I needed, great list.
  • HI Marcia,
    How have you felt since your surgery? I am a CNA whom got hurt after repositioning a patient as well. I did undergo ACDF on July 27 as well as you and feel worse than before my surgery.Perhaps it is too soon to recover, I don't know.
    Could you tell me a bit about your recovery period and how you have gradually adjusted it to it?
    Thank You.
    Best regards.
  • Something else that I didn't think of before, but found invaluable afterward. I kept a small notepad next to me the first few days and recorded times and meds taken. That way, even if you're a bit groggy from one thing or another, you have a bit of insurance that you won't overmedicate yourself. I thought of this during a moment of panic, when I thought I might have doubled up on my painkillers, I had to have my hubby help me count them before I was too loopy to remember what I was doing LOL!
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  • Kat - you are exactly right! I loved having my notebook there next to me - for meds, notes when my nurse would give me instructions and more :)
  • I too have really benefited from this list. I've been going over it and over it and checking things off as I get them accomplished. I had forgotten so much from my fusions 8 years ago. I think I blanked it out because some of it was so tough.

    Today I woke up and the first thing that came to my mind, was that I was one day closer. How did two weeks go by this fast? I'm cleaning and scrubbing everything and making my back hurt worse. I know I won't be able to do it for a long time and want to come home to a clean house. I just want to be as prepared as I can be so I won't be a burden on my people. I know they all want to help and I'm going to let them but I'm just so used to doing my things myself. I hope I don't need a walker. I hope I don't need a thing on my toilet that sits up higher. I forgot how long until I can get a bath. I'm just all scared again. Tears keep coming to my eyes when I think of it all. I'm overwhelmed today. I am going to go outside and sit in the sunlight. That will help.
    thank you for listening.
  • S - you will do fine - and, it's perfectly natural to have the fluctuating emotions before your surgery!

    I remember the cleaning and getting ready phase - I kept thinking that no matter how much my back hurt now, it was going to be so much worse in a few days. Sorry, probably should not have said that to you right now.

    But, I do fully believe that being prepared for the worst surely makes the whole process afterwards easier. Nothing was as bad as my imagination. I actually felt really good after my surgery - comparatively.

    Best of luck
  • Thank you for the list!!! I was so busy cooking and freezing for everyone and forgot about what I will need. I am going in for two level spinal fusion on 11/18 and honestly I feel clueless as to what to expect. My bedroom is on the 2nd floor so is it best to stay on the first floor and just do the stairs to go to bed or is that unrealistic? I am not sure what my abilities or lack of will be post op. Any insite would be greatly appreciated. Love this site!! Thanks for all the great info so far!!!
  • This list is great. I am scheduled for surgery 11/16/09. This has been so helpful in many ways. Helping preparedness and keep me busy so I don't have so much time to get paniced about the procedure.
    Thanks again :)
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