Dr.Internet strikes again

My buddy was looking up his vague pain symptoms on the web the other day. He would rather waste time following false leads and wrong information than make an appointment..."because it takes too long" 

So he suffers and ends up crawling into the er with now acute pain..and unnecessary pain.

His doc explains whats what..and my bud sits there with a stubborn look...because from all the looking up he did, most of wht he thought it was, was not.

Dr Internet seems a wonderful tool because all you gotta do is ask someone for an answer...easy peasy  and quick and convenient..and its not the professional  who cost you time and inconvinience.and you get almost the right answer..the close enough answer to ease your mind a bit.

Ask ten laymen on the street and get ten different answers

Ask the wrong person who is believable enough sounding and you get hurt. 

My buddy who iv talked about through the years seems to like the close enough answers...told him its a good place to start looking for answers..but not the answer..always says doc dont know nothing..until he goes to doc to fix what he neglected.

One day he'll learn to not take the easy way and just go to the pro first...his excuse is money..well it costs more to fix it later than now i told him..dont think he believed me as he buried his nose in the laptop again 



  •  I totally agree with you, but I’ve been seeing doctors for years, and most of them don’t know what’s wrong. Today I saw a rheumatologist, and he said that he thinks I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, but none of the blood test show that. So based on his information, and 100 hours later I’ve learned nothing.  Doctors love to say that if there’s no blood test, they can’t really do anything 
  • This is the harder parts of chronic pain,finding the source cause first,it can be frustrating as it drags out and your still in pain.

    But the better part is when its narrowed down and a treatment plan can be implemented by your medical team, dont give in to frustration  and keep searching.

    Nothing is undiagnosable,nothing can be not overcome with enough effort.

    Hang in there!

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  • You know, another interesting thing, when I first started having problems with my arms my doctor discovered three herniated/obliterated discs in my neck. Surgery was necessary fairly quickly, so I'm talking with my surgeon and he asked me questions that I had never considered a side effect of my neck problems. He asked if I had lost control of my bowels/bladder, if I was dropping things, if I was running into wall corners. I denied the bowel/bladder problem but the others were absolutely spot on. He asked me again, "Are you sure you haven't had control issues with bowel and bladder?" I said no again, but after my surgery I began to realize I had had a couple of problems in that area and looking back, I had the strangest arm symptoms that were gone after the cervical surgery.

    So, what I'm saying is that if you're diagnosed with spine issues, look at a dermatome map and see where your problems are. It's also important to think about anything strange or out of the ordinary with regards to nerves.

  • @Cath111

      You brought up something very interesting. 

       I have often told people how I was affected . Where alot of people come to the board with clear cut similar symptoms that can be mapped out by a look at a dermotone map. Mine you really couldnt. I mean yes I did have some of the same symptoms as someone with nerve compression but to a lesser extent. 

       My symptoms we more extreme weakness verses burning was even hard just to hold a hair brush and brush my hair. I've always kept my hair long and that became a real problem for me. Picking something up off the table became a job in itself as I would repeatedly just drop the thing..walking also became hard..I'd want to go one way but my legs had a totally different way they wanted to go. At times I'd look like a drunk trying to walk. I also tripped alot due to how 1 of my feet would drag. I still do have that issue and I'm again having issues with my son inlaw just asked me with a laugh if I needed him to cut my food up..grrr I wanted to slap him :D ..and yes all this was cause by cervical even a dermotone at time can be deceiving depending upon whether it's your nerves only being affected or if you also have some cord involvement.  See mine was mainly cord. So you can't  always what you read online.

  • @boo9989

    I had been having very strange arm symptoms prior to my first trip to my doctor. I would be sitting at my desk and both of my arms would get cold, then I would get goose bumps and then they would start aching. I told my husband about it, but never considered it was anything I could even explain to my doctor .Then I started having stabbing pain in my back between my should blades. When it started, I had an appointment for a physical in a week and a half, but it was so bad I couldn't wait that long to see my doc. That's when my neck problems were discovered. This was in May and surgery was scheduled for October. By then, my right arm had pins and needles 24/7 and I couldn't hold a glass of iced water with my left hand because my arm was so weak.

    It truly can be deceiving but it's important to take note of anything strange happening with arms, back muscles, legs and feet. And you're right, a dermatomes map may not tell any secrets, but the strange symptoms that are new can.

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  • I am always dropping things and it is getting annoying-I never thought about a connection to my nerve issues.

    In years past i was noticeably sure handed. If I opened the medicine cabinet and a bottle of aspirin or something fell out, I would often catch it before it hit the counter- now that it is difficult for me to bend down- i am dropping everything-

    Something else to talk about with the Dr

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