Lumbar Fusion & Sleeping



  • Fused T2-S1. We ended up investing in a sleep number bed about 3 years ago. When I was only getting a few hours sleep at a time. I had to do something! We got a bed with the head and feet adjustable, massage, and I have an extra heater/cooler on my side of the bed. Also, the pillows as everyone has been commenting on is a must! I have been doing extra pillows since 2005...I call it “nesting” cause with all the pillows it looks like a little nest. That way I have a pillow readily available anywhere I turn or move during the night! My amazing nurses in the hospital got me hooked on nesting after I had to spend 30 days in the hospital after some complications from my L1-S1 fusion. I am a big supporter of naps is really exhausting being tired all the time but unable to sleep, so I sleep anytime I can! Best of luck to you!! 

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