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Dirty Drug Screen

Ok I got call saying I had my first positive Drug Screen ever. I tested positive for Ativan and I don't have a script for it. The only way this could have happened is that I accidentally picked up the wrong pill bottle. I mean it looked like my Hydroxolizine I take same size and color. I've never had this happen to me befer ever. 

My pain Dr. Said that I need to just find another pain mgt. He said he would not be able to help me with my medication anymore. He would give me some on my next script but that would be the end. I'm at a lost, do I have a black mark on my record now forever?

Help me 




  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,897

    That really depends on how far your current pain doctor wants to take this.

    I would try to do everything possible to get this corrected. As long as you can 100% state that you never took Ativan from a written prescription or elsewhere, try to have this drug screen tested again.

    Many practices will not go for this, but you need to try the best you can.   There have been instances when drug screening tests were invalid, for several different reasons.

    I know, whenever I have to do a test and they tell me to leave the specimen bottle in the bathroom, I refuse.  I want to personally hand it over to the person who is taking it forward.   This way, I at least know, it was my specimen that I handed them.

    You dont want a black mark on your medical records.  That can only make it very difficult moving forward.

  • If you don't have a prescription for Ativan, then someone else in your home must, in order for you to have possibly grabbed the wrong bottle.

    I keep my medications seperate from anyone else's in my home to avoid any confusion or accidents.

    As far as the dirty test results, it is rather unlikely that you would test positive for ativan in error.  These tests are usually sent for confirmatory testing, especially when there is a question or concern about results.

    When you find a new PM you are going to need to explain the positive result. Hopefully, they will be understanding and willing to give you a chance.

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  • peanut006peanut006 MichiganPosts: 144

    Since your doctor is being kind enough to allow you one more appointment with one more script (as most won't if you failed a drug test), I would take the opportunity to bring in both bottles of the Ativan and hydroxolizine to show him that they in fact look almost exactly the same (I've never seen either but going by what you're saying) and explain the mistake you believe occurred and ask for another test to show that it's not something you take at all regularly since if you accidentally did once over a month ago there'd be none in your system now. Clearing up the mistake is the best thing you can possibly do because it will in fact follow you to other doctors making further treatment difficult. The doctor may still not take you back after a failed drug test but may at least be willing to add a note to your file explaining the mistake and situation to hopefully ease your ability to have a new doctor take you on. 

    I wish you much luck!!

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