What has worked for you?

 What has worked for you?  Basically I’m finding that my back and neck are hurting worse and worse despite going and getting some treatments .  Naproxen I believe is starting to cough some stomach upset physical therapy only works part time and I think the chiropractor made my back worse. I’ve got a prescription for a new prescription called Zanaflex to help with the muscle spasms as I find that flex for always making me far too tired during the day. I understand you cannot give medical advice, and I am not seeking that, but I am trying to figure out what works for who and what combinations worked 

 Perhaps rating would be best… I’m a 0 to 5 scale. For me chiropractor zero I think it may have actually caused some bulging disc, naproxen to since I don’t know what else could be causing the stomachache, Physical therapy three



  • Hi Mouchet!  You asked "what has worked for you" and my first thought was that it's this forum that has worked for me!  Since I've found this group, I don't feel so alone (or crazy).   People here understand.  I find hope for better days ahead (or at least manageable days).  

    Having seen a spine specialist, I did have an epidural injection and that helped with the really excruciating pain I felt first thing in the mornings.  I'd say it improved things about 40-50%.  I'm scheduled for another injection in about ten days.  This time they will hit both the L4 and L5 (first time it was just L4).  

    Physical therapy has not helped with the pain, but probably has helped strengthened some muscles that have long been unused.  My last appiontment (two days ago) was very disappointing because my PT said there probably wasn't anything more he could do, so no more appointments.  I was a bit shocked that it came to such a swift end!  It was like hearing him say "I give up!"   I'm to continue with the exercises of course, but it seems to me that I could have learned so much more - how to correct my posture when walking, sitting, sleeping, picking things up; additional strengthening exercises; and what about cardio?  Did I annoy him because he wasn't seeing me improve much?  It was like a break-up ("It's not you, it's me").  :-(   

    I've taken Gabapentin, but it makes be incredibly loopy.  It does help me get some sleep at night.  I'm left in a fog the rest of the day though and I'm not even taking more than 300mg.  I'm prescribed 1-2 capsules up to three dimes daily - total 1200 mg. I'd probably not remember who I am or where I am if I took that much.   I'm guessing at some point I'll weigh the benefits of being pain free(ish) and not knowing my full name (haha).

    Advil, Tylenol... kind of helps at least in my imagination.  But iif I take too much my ears ring and it's really not great for the liver.  Heating pad helps, and icing.

    I just signed up to start aquatics at a local rec and ed center.  They have a heated therapeutic salt-water pool.  I'm hoping to further strengthen my legs and core.  I've got tingling/numbness in the right leg making walking not much fun.  

    And then, of course, finding things to do to distract myself from this miserable pain.  I'm going on a trip to Ireland in about three weeks and hoping my back/leg will hold up (just a seven day trip planned long ago).  I'm hoping shots of Irish Whiskey will keep me moving along.

    Anyway, these are things that have helped.  And, as usual, I've made this all about me.  It's about you though and I hope what I've shared will be somewhat helpful to you.

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    Where is the rest of her post??

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    There is no edit of the discussion this is what was posted here by mouchet

  •  Physical therapist said the same thing. It was mostly because I ran out of appointments . I will look into the Cortizone injections, but he wants to do Florida time which I think is a lot. He wants to do both sides of the c7 c8 .  That was the end of my post

  •  This seems to be my most updated post so I had a couple new question situations that came up today .  I have a Lotta issues with anxiety and some depression which is probably why I have spam so many messages accidentally and I do apologize. 

     For some reason my doctor wants to switch me from my medication that works call Trinta Lex to a medication called Cymbalta. I’m not asking for anyone to make a decision for me on this cause it’s already pretty much decided but I wanted to know if anybody had any positive or negative affects of Cymbalta 

     Till yesterday I went and saw the neurosurgeon and he responded he suggested for facet joint injections in the neck which is causing all of my pain. However I had a follow up appointment with my orthopedic and he said that I should use to get an epidural in the neck So Mike regards is how are they different why are my two doctors differing and which ones seem to work for you best? For the most part my pain seems to just keep coming from using the computer which is part of my job as a teacher. Any ideas?  

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    They have me taking cymbalta for nerve pain. I cannot tell any difference in nerve pain with it without it but it sure helped my mood so I keep taking it bc if I dont he will make me take lyrica again and I cannot tolerate it due to the memory loss and weight gain.

  •  Thank you very much… That was a great answer. I definitely am looking for something that’s going to take care of the anxiety and the pain. And a completely unrelated matter I’ve got to make a decision between getting for facet joint shots in the neck or a standard epidural in the neck or I am beginning to look at why my doctor didn’t do a nerve test since this all could be probably a pinched nerve. Who do I see about this?  Sorry if I posted this twice but one was a response and this is the direct question

  • A neurologist does the nerve conduction test.

  • Ok, so my journey continues.  I was doing some neck exercises, overdid it, and had a slight possible sprain in my neck.  After about a week, it is getting better.

    However, the Physical Therapist said that I should sleep on my back with legs raised. Sure enough, it helped out my shoulder and neck.

    However, I have to wear a CPAP machine to sleep, and it does not work well when on my back due to mouth opening.

    Has anyone tried the following and can you tell me results:

    A. Form cervical collar at night (might prevent mouth from opening.

    B. Chin strap.  (same as above)

    I'm concerned that this will only worsen my neck pain though.  

    This feels like a new discussion, should I post as new discussion, since this is more of a sleep apnea issue.

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