Some good and bad news

 OK I found out that even though I have a bunch of herniated disc in my thoracic spine that’s not really a concern. I was pretty surprised by that  .
  However the doctor said that I might do well with at home spinal decompression which I’m a little worried about and would like some information on for .anybody who’s doing that .

 I asked my doctor recommended that I did get Cortizone shots in the neck for my C6 C7 problem but he suggested getting four shots one on each side . Is this pretty typical that seems like a lot of shots? How many shots did you receive at what time and what were the effects?


  • What is "at home spinal decompression"?

  • But I am home spinal decompression was a machine pill to stretch the neck. They have a bunch of devices for about $250 on Amazon. Some people say it works

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  • Thanks for the clarification of  "at home spinal decompression".  Sounds scary

  • I used a spinal decompression machine for several years at home.  While going through physical therapy I noticed when they put me in the cervical traction device I would have a  lessening of symptoms in my arms and fingers.  The Dr ordered on for me and the therapist taught me how to use it properly, especially the right pressure. I would use it nightly for about 30 minutes, helped me put off fusion surgery for about 2 years.  I wouldn't just buy one from amazon and use it without having a professional show you how to use it properly.. Hope it helps you.

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