Salt Lake City shoot

One of the young Rugby players i shoot has a chance to play at an invitational in Salt Lake City

I dont really like flying so this may be an adventure in august.

Get off work

Go to airport that afternoon

Land round midnite Salt lake time

Shoot saturday and sunday

Fly back and back to work Monday ..really enthused about shooting bigger events especially for people in my life! Its a plus on the ledger,that is instead of constant pain and no gain,i will get a bit of a day off and get to enjoy different surroundings. To be continued...



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,750


    You really need to go!! Get out of the box! Constant pain is there no matter where you are. Home or Salt Lake, take your pick.

  • Sandra

    It would be a heck of a thunder run up and back in two days..epic even,but time is too limited sadly so i will miss the beautiful city and mountains. 

    But Galveston Tx has a nother beach 7s the next week with the full teams of collegiate and regular mens and womens teams

    Its like one big accepting family and i feel good inside for the first time in years!

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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,750

    Well, at least you feel good about staying close to home. 

    I thought about you the other day when I picked up my camera for the first time in weeks. The wildlife has not been on the move as they are usually my subjects. But then I started watching my dog following the bees in and out of the flowers and jumping up trying to catch lightning bugs. I got some really great shots.

  • We have not had lightning bugs this year sadly

    There is a modle shoot hosted by a locak store this afternoon dowm on the island that ime going to attend before work, its not my first shooting people  but first for my head .they re just people being static and a different kind of action and also i get to compare my styles and pics against other people.


  • Shoot was great! I may look further to build my non spine wrecking job portfolio!

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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,750

    Sounds like it was an easy shoot, no action from models !! lol  Build that portfolio bigger and get your name and work out there.
    Good luck, William.

  • Oh wow William I live in this area and if you were going to be here longer I would insist on having you to dinner. Of course you don't know me but in many ways you do and what an honor it would be to meet you. If you and I were able to I could show you the beauty of this area. Just coming here to the airport does not give this place justice.  
    You are probably thinking is she nuts  :/ but I can be fun. 
    Enjoy and be careful it says so much about who you are doing that. 

  • I would love to go but the time constraints are too tight ,i would love to see the area...last time there was deep winter and watched the skiers come down a mountain with lights! It was lovely starlit. I appreciate the offer !

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