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Hi all,

After reading some of the moderators most recent posts I was struck by the vast amount of meds, procedures, dr visits and imaging that we all have to go through.  Add to this injections and surgeries much can be done to help us live our lives in as little pain as possible.

Now think what it would have been like to live a few hundred years ago.  No pain meds.  No injections, no surgeries, not even a single aspirin.  I cant even imagine how hard life must have been back then.   A simple thing like arthritis would be so painful.  Torn knees or shoulders, too bad for you!!!  Spine surgery, out of the question.  Life back then would be beyond difficult.




  • Dmo

    I am n outdoor enthusiast and that very subject came up recently..but in a different way,if we get a hurricane or natural disaster and if I dont have rudimentary first aid and comfort supplies, it would be very hard indeed!

    Tooth numbing liquids,pain\anti inflammatory pills cuts and infection remedies,

    All the little things that make life tolerable available from the corner pharmacy..not being available..

    Here we use aloe vera for a ton of home remedies,we have no willows in abundance for their contribution to home grown stuff

    I dont want to imagine a time without the necessities.

    Foot care,hair care,skin care,tummy care,tooth care..imagine spinal issues being compounded with other ails...ugh!!!

  • DMO,

    I used to crab fish on the Bering Sea.  My crew mates and I used to think what it was like back in the olden day with commercial fishermen.   They didn't have waterproof gear.  Crazy huh?

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  • It has always been a dream of mine to live in the past.  Living in the world today carries with it the prospect of nuclear war, biological weapons and terrorist acts.  Of course man's propensity to wage war has been around since the dawn of existence.  Its a shame we never learn. 

    On the positive side the air would be cleaner as would be the water.  Many hundreds of years ago we would probably all be farmers or cattle barons!!!  lol. 

    Of course the life span of people have increased greatly since the middle ages.  We had no vaccines for the diseases of the times. 

    I, for one would miss the medical wonders we now have and would have been dead long ago probably from high blood pressure which I take medication for.  I am so very thankful for the age we live in now when it comes to medical care.  Since I DDD and have had fusion surgery and need at least two more fusions I would not want to live as I am now in the past.  My pain would be to great.  I am not ashamed to admit I need my pain meds along with every other med I take everyday.

    Not to mention also we would not have the internet--hence no Spine Health.  I would lose contact with all the wonderful moderaters and my others friends who frequent this web site. 

    Something to think about for sure


  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,830

    We watch an ongoing series on Netflix call "Origins". It is short stories on how things came to be. Such as medicines, X-ray and diagnostic imagining, Tracing this back to thousands of years and what was used then and now. No matter what subject, it is very interesting, short stories.

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  •    In general the human race right now are spoiled..we want instant gratification . Our ancestor were far stronger then anyone alive today. Would I like to live in the past now that depend on what era your talking about. No one on this site would beable to handle the hardships and struggle they had. 

       Since most medical practices back then were full of quacks and so much was unknown many lost their lives over simple things such as the common cold or small cut..many women died either during or soon after childbirth since they didnt even have the concept of proper hygiene and women would come down with what they called childbirth fever..speaking of children most died before the age of 5..small pox , tb were rampant  yes such a wonderful as we know it has exploded in the last 50 yrs..instead of dreaming and glorifying those dark time we should instead thank our lucky stars we are alive now.

       Opioids crisis look to the past again..were you could use and buy heroin,  morphine , and other very strong additives medical out of a sears catalog..people even.gave small children these so called miracle drug for things like teething..yeah let's go back to those days when they knew nothing about how addictive those types of drugs can be or how dangerous. 

      No thank you..we may complain about how horrible it is to have to wait a couple of weeks to see a specialist or doctor..oh yes let's go back to when a doctor had no clue what they were doing...yes to when a barber could cut your hair in the morning then hack your limbs off at night with no anesthesia what so ever ..sounds like fun to me " not"

       Let's just be thankful for what we have now.


  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,830


    You fished the Bering Sea? What would that have been like then and now?

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