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  • Thank You, and I will keep in touch. Hoping this is the last chapter of pain.

    Good night!

  • Sandra

    I'm happy to report that the surgery went well and the pains I was feeling before has pretty much disappeared. Really I'm one day from a week out of surgery and I'm doing fine. the most amazing thing is that all the pain I had in my left hip seems to be gone. I am on pain medication due to the surgery cut. but my hips are feeling pretty darn good. this is an amazing surgery so far. I can't wait to see what i feel like at the 8 week mark. I'm already thinking that maybe I can prolong the left hip. The Dr. did say that after some people fix one hip they feel so much better they sometimes hold off the other one. He said sometimes it's six months to a year and he says in some cases they feel good enough to never get it done.

    I have a friend that needed double knee replacement. after the 1st on he never got the 2nd one it's been a year and a half. i did not realize how much pain the hip could cause. I really think that this is my last chapter of the pain fight.

    Thanks! Steve (BigWhoDat)

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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,564


    That's great! I'm so glad the surgery went well and you are finally out of pain. Please, still take it easy and recover well, don't push it. It is always so nice to hear when someone says no more pain.

    Take care,

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