Thoracic herniated disc symptoms/help?

Hello. I had a cervical disc replacement surgery 2 years ago and just recently I have been having thoracic disc herniation symptoms.  Ribs hurt on left side, bulging type numb hot weak feeling in my upper back, shooting pain in my left shoulder and itching, my leg and arm on the left side go weak or numb at times, I get horrible headaches mostly on the left side that feel like pressure in the front, and am having issues with holding my bladder.  I went to the ER where I had my cervical disc surgery and I swear they acted like I didnt know what I was talking about.  They took xrays and did a ct of my cervical spine.    Strange that i told them it was thoracic and they still only checked the cervical initially.  They ordered an MRI of whole back but they gave me some drug called ativan before I went in for the test and instead of calming me it made me twitch and jolt.  Opposite of what it was supposed to do so they werent able to keep me in the MRI.  They got mad AT ME and sent me home lol.  Sad part is that this hospital is the best in Chicago for spinal surgeries but you have to get to the surgeons first.  Meaning going through the ER and all the initial bs is hell.  You would think the staff would have the same type of  training as far as knowing what to look for and how to treat patients as the specialists do.  Not like their actual training on spinal issues but just be open minded.   So I am sitting at home on a bunch of meds that are sort of working thank God...but know I really need to go back and have that MRI done without the ativan.  I am just really anxious about how they treat patients with these types of nerve issues.  Like we are on trial or something for thinking we know what our body's are telling us.  I heard things like "you might just have fibromyalgia" or "just know we cant give you anything for pain cause of all the addicts that come here" and "everyone with back pain thinks its a disc issue." Lol, the first is just ridiculous.  I have no symptoms of fibro.  Second, I didnt ask for anything for pain at all because I was there to see a surgeon hopefully again to talk about getting the problem  fixed.  Not wait this out on meds.  And third...I have DDD.  I know what is happening in my back.   Anyone else here can share their symptoms of thoracic disc issues? And if they experienced any of the same treatment from medical staff ever.  I just feel worn out from the lack of professionalism at this hospital. I feel that I shouldnt have to fight through incompetent doctors and nurses before seeing some of the best surgeons in the area for actual help and answers.  



  • Dixie

    Welcome to Spine Health

    Instead of going through the ER, could you make an appointment with your surgeon at his office? You would probably recieve better care that way.

    Take care and keep us posted


  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 291

    Dixie, It too have thoracic spine pain but my surgeon says it is probably cervical related. While I haven't seen the surgeon or his PA since my thoracic MRI last week, the report does note significant issues in the area of the C7-T1 nerve area so he could be on to something. Perhaps the ER was correct? Regardless, I agree with Chip about making an appointment with your surgeon.

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