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Shoulder surgery

hey guys,

I had shoulder surgery exactly 3 months ago and ever since the very first night I haven’t gotten a good night sleep. I wake up every hour on the hour , it doesn’t matter what I take. I’ve seen my GP my ortho surgeon I’m just at a lost. On top of that I’m a olive skin complexion so I’m fairly dark. A week after surgery I would wake up super pale and now my skin stayed that way. I’m pale and my skin is Always cold and clammy. Don’t matter what I do. I’ve tried almost everything to get answers. Recently did a Doppler ultrasound on both upper limbs to rule out blood clots I’ll find out tomorrow or Tuesday. Would anyone know what would make my skin turn super white and my skin all over my body is cold to touch and super clammy? Really would like some input as to what can be causing this or if anyone had this before after having arthroscopic surgery on there shoulder or anywhere else.




  • Hope you feel better. I no myself months after my surgery I had sleep issues that got worse. Mybe see a sleep doctor? Good luck

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