When you push your body too hard

My stair from my deck were needing some repairs. I had been dragging my feet doing anything about it, however it had became a pretty dangerous and now needed to be repaired. I managed to do it or suffice I did the best I could that the stairs shouldn't fall now. However I got to experience something different afterwards that keep me up all night. Both my hands into the forearms, both sides of my face cheeks, and a little of the underneath the chin/jaw was all tingling and pins feeling. Which just made mad and annoyed me because it wouldn't go away and that nothing has show any reasoning for those symptoms in the imaging and EMG. Today if I bend or raise my arm my hand will numb/tingling then subside after a bit. I have referral to see a neurosurgeon. I get so confused and frustrated not knowing what is causing any of my symptoms and dealing with the symptoms.       



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    I know how frustrating and annoying all of this can be. Ty to be adamant (which I'm sure you are) when talking to your doctor about getting answers.  Start keeping a journal about what you go through every day, pain, tingling, when how often what you were doing. When you see your doctor, take your journal with you. They read better than they listen. There are a lot of members, including myself, that keeps a journal because it helps.

    Good luck at your appt. and keep us posted.

  • Walking in sand creates a series of causes for some issues in my legs,cramping and loose knee and hard time walking.

    Creating a set up for cervical neuropathy-tingling,pins and needles in both hands,a cervicogenic headach and neck issues..seems unrelated no?

    I m using muscles and motions my body isnt used to anymore because i avoid walking on loose surfaces...i got un used to certain actions and uses because of my self imposed-doctor imposed limitations 

    I know the myself and my limitations...its part of maturing as a Spiney,

    I kmow the price i am going to pay for action A,B etc

    I am going to over do it, i do it then i pay my price for a piece of balance.

    Overdoing it is a part of learning the limits of what you can do.

    I use muscles unused to a task and get the cramps hard enough to torque my knee out of joint.

    In your case it would be almighty frustrating because the root cause is hidden...dont stop asking of your health team to find answers...font give up,use that frustration as a fuel to get to the bottom of the issues!

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  • I have always pushed myself hard but recently I had to cut back. Which has resulted in kitchen cabinets not being done since 2017 and numerous other half finished house projects. 

    If I don't push myself and do things I do then quite frankly there isn't anyone else to do them or we can't afford to pay someone to do them for us. So I risk my body and get it done because it has to be done. 

    I am doing everything I can think of for my spine. Second and third opinions to imaging of all kinds. 

    It is truly odd when you experience new symptoms and there isn't anything supposedly wrong with that part of spine. 11 months post fusion and I have only got worse. 

  • Respectfully

    I am im my shoes today because i never learned to say it will happen when i am able.

    I stopped being a martyr and people got mad because they no longer had someone to use and included i read them the riot act..this is how its going to be...if i can i will..if not? Well ask someone else because i have to live in this. Body after they are long gone.

    I played the mercenary because I do have to live in this wreck untill its over and its me suffering for others .

    Do what you can

    Delegate what you cant, there is always another way

    Protect yourself as much as possible. What use are you going to be if you lose what abilities you have now?

    You have to keep some life for yourself in order to give to others...wreck yourself and now you will be a burden in your head to those you protect.

    Not trying to be hard or harsh but the rules have changed along with your priorities.

    Be gentle on yourself within reason and be their rock for a lot longer

  • Ron,

      I love the bartering system!  I think I will bring the idea up to my parents.  They live in a close knit neighborhood of condos.  Mom is forever calling me saying don't you need X?  Well my neighbor has an almost brand new one she was going to put in a sale.  I have two lazy boy chairs I need to go get sitting in mom's garage as we speak.  They are a year old.  Neighbor got married and did not want to move them.  The barter system like you are doing would work I think.  Instead of calling to say I have something I don't need, I need X done, who has the skills for that. 

    My Dad has rental houses he works on and shouldn't. He was painting the trim on one of the houses just last week.  95 degree heat and he is 81 this month.  Mom says he is starting to let some things go though.  He paid someone to clean all the junk out that a previous renter left.

    Anyway, thanks for the idea!


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