Pain Meds After SCS IMPLANT

I am 8 weeks out from scs implant surgery. Wish I could give raving reviews at this time but that has not been my experience. The pain level is about the same if not a little worse. I am curious to know how long it takes to get off the pain meds. I am nowhere near that yet. Is this normal?  I think I am reading where many continue on with pain meds for a long time after being implanted. What are your experiences?



  • I was able to reduce my pain medication but never able to get completely off it after my SCS.

  • @cordy do you still have post-surgical recovery pain, or is it that the SCS is providing no relief from the neck/back pain you were hoping to resolve through device implantation? From my readings, the desired clinical outcome is about 50% reduction in pain through SCS, so you should be able to decrease but not necessarily eliminate your pain meds. At 8 weeks out it seems like your recovery pain should be decreasing. Probably questions for your doctor and/or device rep. Does your device have leads or paddles?

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