My pain is interfering with my life.

TL;DR. Sciatica type pain keeping me from dancing, meaning I'm getting fat, which is a spiral into laziness and depression.   

Hello, I am new and apologize if I'm not in the right thread. I love dancing, hiking, being active in general. (Not sports with hand-eye coordination, just dance and leg stuff.) Back pain seems to get in the way. I have worked in a paint store, as a waitress and now in ammunition store. (Small store, I'm the boss, but I still have to do grunt work.) Working as a waitress, I often had a sore back or sore neck. So off and on depending on pain, I get in and out of shape. In the last year, at my ammo job, I was really getting into a healthy feeling shape. I could do "boy pushups with a clap" and happily showed off my guns. (I'm a girl who loves ballet, salsa etc. and often struggled with body image and yoyo weight. So having pretty sweet biceps was a new form of healthy.) For a solid year, I felt great. I did Zumba and ballet and schlepped ammo....and then this new kind of pain attacked. It started in my lower back, moved into my hips, and finally settled in my left leg. It still visits my lower back and hamstring, but mainly my calf and foot. I'm depressed because I can't do the exercise I LOVE. My left leg won't support my weight, and I am not happy unless I can dance. I am trying yoga and some upper body weight lifting. Tomorrow I will go to pilates class for first time. The problem is I'm already getting fat, and that is making me depressed so I don't want to go to gym. Does anyone know how long sciatica type pain will keep my leg from supporting my weight? I'm tired of limping, I want to be strong and happy again and this pain is making me lazy, which is making me fat, which is making me depressed. Also, I need to be able to move ammo, unload pallets, stock, etc. My employees are starting to follow my lazy lead, and I need to set an example.



  • JustWannaDance I understand your frustration. I use to hike, kayak, exercise and ride my horse all if that seems like a blur. I'm not able to do the things I enjoy. My problem is I have seen at least 10 different doctors and nobody can really come up with an answer to what I have going on. I have had several tests and injections, RFA, etc. and still low back pain. I get on the internet and try and figure out what I can do to help myself. I had back surgery in 2017 and it has been down hill ever since. Back spasms, tingling in my legs, painful sitting, pain in low back. I have told my husband to go do things he enjoys because I can't do much. I'm missing out on spending time with him and doing fun things. 

  • I mean I understand your frustration to I wish I could dance I'm paralyzed from the chest down I'm basically just ahead and moving arms I miss dancing so much and being out with my friends I now I'm a shut-in I'm just almost done with being paralyzed so at least you got your legs man look at it that way spinal pain may be there but you're able to walk others are not so lucky keep that in mind not to be cruel or mean or anything else but you have to keep that in mind you could be worse you could never be able to walk again imagine that maybe you'd like it maybe you wouldn't I don't know I know I don't

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