Movement on guidelines for Chronic Pain Patients

I have been acting as an activist on chronic pain and the removal of treatment due to government agencies attacking doctors who treat such patients.  I want to pass some important information and movement on this matter.

Most States, the FBI and DEA are using a guideline that was prepared by the CDC on guidelines for prescribing opioid to addicts and abusers.  It has strict limits on the amounts of medications that can be issues and the requirements involved. 

The CDC has seen the damage that this has caused with many States using these guidelines to shutdown pain management programs for disabled Americans who suffer from Chronic pain that is real and documented.  So they wrote a clarification in May of 2019 that reverses the major issues with the use of the 2016 guidelines.

The CDC has removed the strict limits on the prescriptions and has placed the treatment back in the hands of a qualified pain specialist who requires a contract between the patient and the doctor on how the program works and the restrictions on the contract.  Physical and diagnosis evaluations which determine if there is need to reduction or even an increase in treatment.  There are provisions to allow for non-opioid treatments which include many of the treatments up to and including placing spinal cord simulating devices to provide some relief of the pain signal from the lower part of the body to the brain.

In my case, the State used the 2016 guidelines along with the FBI and DEA to raid doctors who prescribed large numbers of opioid mostly because of the nature of their practices.  This causes many to lost their care over night and placed the fear of government on the entire pain management community where almost all doctors immediately took the stance to not right any scripts for any opioids or to just refuse to take on patients that were at this level of care to prevent the government from focusing in on their practices.

Now everyone should take time to look at the new guidelines that the CDC has released.  This may be a game changer and should be used to challenge any actions by any government agency to shutdown legitimate pain specialist who are not just using their licenses as pill mills.

This is the link to the CDC guidelines of 2019:

Please take the time to read this and if you are still being covered by a doctor that is not being stopped, share this with these doctors so that they can have a heads up on what they can do to protect themselves and their patients.



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  • Hi Wippcnm1997
    Thank you for your effort to help all of those who need pain medication treatment. This is a hot subject of course for our members and many discussions under the Forum/ Categorie ( War on Opioids) exist including what you have posted. But you did a way better job of the details than myself  and mentioned other important information. 
    The CDC only revised their guidelines after the FDA put out an alert. I have to admit I need to go back and read all that again for the sixth time this old brain forgets easy :)
    Lets all hope this turns things around and so important that we mention, write etc. everyone possible to notify them of this information. I just two days ago asked my doctor if he had even heard of this and he replied no. I get it they don't read everything that is sent to them so I gave him a copy I had run off. I think it will in time make a impact but it is a positive start for sure and gives hope. 
    Thanks again for the information and hopefully you will stay with us.
    Take care Sherri

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    Thank you so much for posting this valuable information. 

    Sherri, great idea to take to our doctors, thanks.

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