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Is my neck and shoulder pain linked to my left side sinus problems?

Hello everyone.

I'm really excited to discuss with you and hopefully find out the next steps I should be taking.

Here we go!

I have been  experiencing some pain at the base of my neck but only on the left side. 

It started a couple of days ago. At first I thought it was a side affect of teeth clenching while I sleep. So I purchased a mouth guard and thankfully woke up the next morning with no pain. But, the next morning - this morning - I started experiencing pain again. And it's only when I get up too quickly or run/exercise. It's full and almost non-existent otherwise. But when it happens it shoots from the top of the left side of my ear area to the base of my neck. 

I also have been feeling tightness as well as pain to the touch in my left shoulder more recently. 

I feel like this is important to add. About 5 years ago, I was on a flight and I was slightly congested. I fell asleep and woke up to a headsplititng pain with extreme pressure in my face (sinus area) and ears. My ears were popped for several hours following. My right ear fully recovered but I don't feel lIke meet ever did. I would sometimes get nasal drippage in the back of my throat after a workout or when I crack my neck. I have tried many things such as going to an ear nose and throat doctor and I was told that it was probably allergies. After using Zyrtec For the amount of time the doctor described I still had the same symptoms. At this point I just live with it. 

Fast forward to now, where I am experiencing neck tightness, ear muffledness, jaw tenderness, nasal drippage in the back of my throat and pain where my neck and head meets.

Please let know if you have experienced something similar. Also if you might know what professional I should see next... Chiropractor? Kinesiologists?

Those are my guess. 

Looking forward to your comments. 



  • i had a chronic left sphenoid sinusitus and lots of pain on same side of face neck head, shoulder arm, hand...some goes on to the right, but docs have told me it is not related. did anti biotic and anti inflammatory..probably still there, the ENTS  said no issues, but I also have vertigo 24/7.

    ask all the docs you can on this one.

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