Tingling and aching joints

Hi I’m new to forums so bare with me please. For years I had a bulging disc in my lower back that finally herniated  which led to a failed surgery and after years of pain I had it fused together. Now disabled and with the same pain, numbness and foot drop, I’ve started having extreme tingling in every joint from ankle to neck it’s maddening and nothing helps but this sensation is only from the evening into early morning hrs. Then during the day there’s aching and sharp pain the the same joints. Absolutely no swelling in joints or muscles. My Dads mother was bedridden from R.A. And my moms sister is fighting it now. 

If anyone has a tip or advice on how to deal with this or a direction to push me in then I’m very grateful and willing to try whatever. My family Dr is currently trying to find an R.A. Specialist that is covered by my insurance which will probably be a 3 hour drive. 

Thank you                                                                         Keith D



  • Keith

    Continue working with your doctor to find a rheumitologist, RA is very painful and is also hard to diagnose so you want a experienced specialist to do so, I have just recently been diagnosed with RA, it took several dr. visits and test to diagnose so don't give up on it.

    Take care and keep us posted


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    For me, it would be worth the 3 hr. drive to see a specialist . That way you will have the correct testing as well as treatment and options.
    I also have RA and osteo so I know how you feel, as well as Chip does too. 

    Good luck in finding the specialist and keep us posted.

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  • going through same, have an appt. until December, but looking to out of network for sooner, though I have all sort of problems I have shared on the forum.  seen neurologists, etc, and docs think I should see a Rheuma doc to rule out any other possibilities. I feel tired all the time and my body aches and is shaky. cant stand for 5 mins or longer without feeling I would pass out and fall. keep seeking asnwers and keep asking te most...does not matter if docs think you're making things up(hypocondriac).

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