Concerning pain meds...please read!

With all the scams going on today I try to take thoughtful care with everything I do.

This is something that happened to my parents neighbor and it is just something I never thought about.

My parents live in a community of condos.  Very nice neighborhood with mostly seniors.

The neighbors house was broken into and because it is such a tight community, someone saw it and called the police.

The police where able to track them because luckily they had a K9 officer there.

These two thieves had prescription bottles on them that belonged to this woman.

Pain meds and anxiety meds.

They got them from the trash, which they regularly dig thru at night which had her name and address right there along with what the meds were.

The police suggested to soak the labels off your med bottles before throwing them away.

Luckily this woman was not home because these two were IV drug users looking for drugs, money and something they could sell.

I never thought of what a target I could become just by throwing my empty bottles away.

You can bet I will be soaking the labels off from now on!

I wanted to share this with everyone just in case like me, you had not heard of this.

Think maybe I will share this I with my PM doctor as well.




  • I always remove the labels, I also shred any other information that comes from the pharmacy if it contains my name or drug information


  • Absolutely keep your meds and any scripts in a locked safe till you need them. I take out what I need every morning.

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  • Boy do I feel dumb!  Challenger, thanks for adding that we need to shred the info sheet the pharmacy staples to the outside!  I didn't think about that!  

    As far as a safe goes, when I bought mine my thinking was the kids and grandkids safety.  A thief could pick it up and carry it out.  It weighs 50 lbs which I doubt would stop anyone.  I would really love to put a good one into the wall but we rent this condo.  My  husband is good friends with the owner and we have been here 8 years.  Maybe he would allow us to put one in the utility room.  And he has talked about selling this condo to us. I will have my husband talk to him.

    Does anyone else get those darn Robocalls daily?  The ones saying your car warranty is about to expire, or they will reduce your student loan.  I got one saying my Medicare card was frozen due to fraud.  Another scam trying to get personal info.  It just gets worse and worse.


  • I love my caller ID but they have even gone to using local numbers, my own number came up the other day, of course it was somebody trying to sell something.


  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,830

    We got a group text yesterday morning from a woman offering her body and soul. Tim's message included a picture of me that he has on his phone. This stuff is scary!! How does someone get into your contacts?

    Like Chip, I shred everything and always take the labels off of my meds. 

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  •   I get those scam calls ALL the time but I was also a victim of identity theft with the IRS in 2013. So alot of my info is out circulating. Now that is truly scary.  I went to file my taxes in 2013 only to receive notice my social security number had already been filed by someone in florida. What a mess..

       So now to this day I get tons of those scam calls a day. Sometimes I like playing around with these other words give it back to them. I let them believe I believe them then..bam..let them know I know it's a scam after leading them on..that really pisses them off..normally when I do that the calls stop for awhile.

       The use of the internet has put far too much info about people out there for easy pickings..all of us can google and find tons of info on any person. No one protected...names addresses phone numbers..ect..


  • Ron

    I have got to the point where I have fun with them, sometimes I speak a little spanish to them, other times I let them go through their whole spill and then cuss them out.

  • My prersonal information was compromised by the federal government when one of their contractors updating my security clearance for work lost a laptop. Then it was compromised by the VA when they had their data breach. I got a call from my bank concerning charges made to a prison commissary giving two different prisoners money to buy stuff and another for trying to open another credit account. . I have insurance now for identity theft.  It’s crazy out there and a lot of people are unaware.  

  • davrunner, You are so right!  I have had to close my bank account twice and open a new one due to fraud.  My bank was kind enough to return the money to me.  They said there are just so many ways for a thief to get bank info.  I think identity theft insurance is a great idea.


  •  The use of the internet has put us ALL at risk.

       I too was compromised.  I went to file my taxes in 2012 only to find someone else had already filed under my social.  So like Cindy the ramifications have followed me for the years since..first my whole credit report was shut down..yup I was listed as dead..once that happens all 3 credit bureau close down your that was a mess..and like cindy multiple bank accounts have been hacked..I'm still affected..and the scammers call non stop..sometimes I play along..leading them to believe I believe their scams..nothing pisses them off more lol..

       Also just yesterday my son received a letter from the state we used to live in that his info is now also been hacked threw the state labor see the use of the internet has put ALL of us at ones info is protected anymore.. 

  • For N2Braves and anyone else who has that issue. Yes the small safes could be hauled out. Solution is find something that will fit that is very heavy and place it inside or bolt to floor with small bolts. Would be easy to patch when you left and honestly in the landlord should be offering to do it for you! Also Harbor Freight is a great place to pick up a decent battery operated with a keypad. I have two of them and they are pretty secure, fairly heavy and small enough to fit in a standard closet. Bought them both for $49 each now they are probably $79 but still well worth it!

  • One other thought - some drug stores now have secure bins for disposing of old medications... I suppose it's not 100% secure but you could chunk your old medicine bottles in there, particularly if you have any unused medicine that needs to be disposed of.  You'd be counting on the store to have an appropriate protocol for ensuring that they are disposed of properly and without compromise of your info. 

    I also ask the pharmacy to keep the information sheets so I don't have to dispose of them.  If it's a new medicine for me, the information can be found online.


  • I've heard that you should NEVER answer a call from your own phone number. It's scam where they ask random question and hangup..During those few seconds they steal Your identity. If you're a Florida resident you can assume every call is scammer.

  • Scary thanks

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