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Neck pain- adhesions?


I have a long story but I’ll skip over most of the details. I’ve had neck pain for a couple of years but was able to maintain with chiropractor a couple times a year. Last year the pain started to get worse. I started a new desk job, and started seeing a new chiro. 3 months ago I get pinching, burning pain right at the juncture of my neck and upper back. Went to Er. X-ray is clear, she tells me it’s my posture sends me to pt. Pt makes the pain worse. Get mri, normal. I started seeing another chiro who says I have adhesions from prior trauma. After 9 visits I’m only feeling about 10%better. I have an apt with a physiatrist next week just hoping for some answers. I’m so young (25) so I’ve been getting the run around from doctors and it’s terribly discouraging. I’ve had to fight and advocate for myself just to try to figure out what’s going on. Anyone have a similar issue?



  • alyssa3494

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    Sorry you are hurting, one thing that is good is that you didn't mention any arm pain or numbness, a good place to start with this is your primary care doctor, if needed they can give you a referral to a spine specialist which would be best for you, a set of different experienced eyes looking at your MRI may be what you need to get a diagnosis.

    Take care and keep us posted


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