I had a laminectomy discectomy on June 12, 2018. Recovery went well except I had severe nerve damage so my recovery was a little slower than expected. On the weekend of my one year anniversary I had a yard sale and picked up a large tote I thought was light, but was indeed heavy. Immediately I had a shot of pain in my back and dropped it. The first couple of weeks after this I had intermittent, mild pain and figured I just strained my back and I was able to carry on with my normal activities. However, this last week has been excruciating and I have pretty much been bed ridden. I forced myself to carry on with daily activities, but it was excruciating. The last few days I haven't been able to do much and have had to use the walker to get around the house. Last Saturday I went to the ER and because it was a small hospital, they were only able to give me an x-ray, which showed advanced DDD, which I knew. They gave me a shot of toradol and decatron. I know that I had another herniation besides the one that got fixed during surgery, bone spurs, osteoarthritisspinal stenosis, and nerve compressions. My husband has been laid off from his regular job and recently went back to work for much less money in the mean time, however, Medicaid states I would need about $5,000 in medical bills to be approved for Medicaid. We absolutely cannot afford to pay out of pocket to see my Neurologist and definitely can't afford an MRI, that I KNOW I need. My idea is to go to a major hospital ER and hope they give me an MRI and/or help me and use that bill and the other hospital bill to be approved for Medicaid. I hate to sound like I'm trying to play the system, but I do not know what else to do. The major hospital ER is the same one I went to last time and they did indeed gave me an MRI and they will be able to see that and the fact that I did indeed have surgery. I am just so fearful of being treated like a drug seeker and/or wasting my time and my Mama's time, plus it's a two hour drive and that will be excruciating. I have dealt with chronic pain for the last seven years, between this and women issues, but I have no received a narcotic perscription since after my surgery last year, until this Saturday. I have PTSD from being treated so badly over the years when I couldn't get my pain under control. I am a stay at home mother, who homeschools our daughter and I can't continue on like this. My symptoms are the same as before surgery, but last time it took four months for me to get to this point (barely able to walk from pain and weakeness in leg) and this time it has taken just a month. Any advice, encouragement, whatever would be greatly appreciated. Symptoms are pain in lower back on left side, pain in left hip, pain down left leg all the way to the foot, calf and parts of foot pins and needles, pain up to my ribs on left flank, and recently the last couple of days I have hurt from my toes to the top pf my head on the left side, tension and pain, including headache.



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    My heart goes out to you. To my understanding, you have not seen or been able to notify your surgeon of these developments. If it were me, I would go to the ER and have them notify my surgeon. That way, with a new MRI, he would be able to compare them. I would not want to put this off as being afraid of more damage that could be caused.

    Don't give up and try to stay positive.  If you go to the ER, all they can say is yes or no. So at least you tried.
    Good luck and keep us posted.

  • I'm with memerainbolt, I would definitely go to the E.R., you need medical attention and that's the only avenue open to you.  Hold your head up and don't let their "labels" affect your self worth, be honest in describing what you are feeling and your pain levels,  Best of luck..

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  • Thank you both for the reply. These last few days I have tried the rest and ice approach hoping it would ease my symptoms, but alas, I continue to get worse it seems. I felt determined to do some laundry and straighten up the house this morning, because obviously the rest didn't help. I figured if I am going to hurt either way I might as well get some things done so I won't feel depressed and stressed about it not getting done or my poor Husband having to do it after he gets home from work. Luckily, my daughter is seven and pretty self sufficient and loves helping Mama, so I am thankful she has been able to help me and her Daddy pick up my slack. Still makes me feel awful though. My husband will probably be upset that I have tried to do some things, but I hate feeling worthless. I can definitely tell that my pain has increased even more since I have done some laundry and some mild cleaning. I guess I am going to have to give in and just go ahead and go to the ER when I am able to have my Mama drive me, maybe Sunday when my husband is off and can be here with our daughter. Much love and respect to you all. 

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