Bone stimulator

Just been using 3 days it seems like the plate is to big it hits me in the base of the spine



  • detre

    Welcome to Spine Health

    Not sure if you are using it for cervical or lumbar, I used one after my lumbar fusion, you are correct, it was not the most comfortable thing I ever used, it did get better as time went on and I had healed at the surgical site, hopefully that will be the case for you also.

    Take care and keep us posted


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  •    I too was on one for my cervical neck.  Had to wear it for a couple hours every day for 6 months..its can be a bothered me the most in the beginning since my neck was so weak..the added weight you know..

      It certainly isnt a fashion son inlaw use to call me Darth Vader as I had both the hard cervical collar on and the bone stimulator ontop of that lol..but it did its job ..I fused and fused well so that's really all that matters..

       I know they can be rather uncomfortable though. Maybe placing something like a small towel were its hitting you wrong may make it a tad better..I'd ask your doctor though he too might have suggestion on how to make it more comfortable. 

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