What T level would this be?

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What thoracic level would it be at about the area where a bra strap would go across? The part of the bra where it hooks not the arm straps. Basically under the shoulder blades and across. I know this a crazy question! Thanks in advance! 

AND if you have problems at that level, please tell me what it is and what do you feel/symptoms.




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    I have lots of pain on my spine just below my shoulder blades. From my recent MRI, discussions with my surgeon and his PA,  pain is related to C7-T1 levels. 

  • I also have pain at the same location! A bra is torture. What ever is going on, it is causing horrible spasms across to the right shoulder blade and ribs. Hopefully we will both learn. Good luck with your issues! 

  • Joowee40, did you have surgery in May for the C7/T1 area?  Did the surgery help with your pain?  I was trying to follow what you have said in previous posts....You originally had ACDF and then had two more posterior cervical surgeries?  Were they revision surgeries?  I had 3-level ACDF last Sept for C4/5 to C6/7.  All was great at my 6-month check up.  I made a stupid decision to go water skiing a few weeks ago.  Not sure if it is related, but two days later, I started having left shoulder pain (lower shoulder blade), radiating back of my arm and pinkie/ring finger numbness.  At first, pain was tolerable.  But, it has continued to increase and get worse.  My check up is in early Sept, but I went ahead and contacted my surgeon's office yesterday because pain was about a 6 (after taking aleve and ibuprofen).  Finally, I took a hydrocodone that I had left over from surgery.  It certainly made the pain more tolerable, but I hate how fogged over I felt.  I don't like taking that stuff.  My 6-month xray report showed "mild endplate changes at C3-C4 and C7-T1."  So, part of me worries that I have caused more stress on the C7-T1 area from my water skiing activity.  I am hoping my surgeon will call in a script for meloxicam, which did help before.

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  • joowee40joowee40 Mississippi Posts: 240

    My first posterior was a revision bc I didnt fuse correctly on the acdf and I feel it was bc 10 mths after I rode what I thought was a mild ride at the fair but it slung my head around and slammed it back and like u just mentioned, it was just sore at first and increased to major pain. They revised me from 3 thru 6 and that was mar last yr and it gave me stability and fixed the kyphosis but I still had the knife in the shoulder blade pain. That pain  was getting better slightly after 6 mths and I slipped down some stairs at work and it went back up to hideous pain. I kept hounding my drs to find what it was and they did a myelogram and found a huge bone spur at c7 t1 that was completely compressing the nerves and poking my spine and they did posterior this may for that. Is the pain gone now? Nope! But it's still early yet so I hope it settles down bc otherwise I have no idea what it could be. They did an emg before surgery also and said both my hands were hideous and needed carpal tunnel surgery and mentioned double crush syndrome and that may be key to stopping the pain too. I had my right hand done 2 wks ago and will have the left done as soon as this one is cleared. Again, is the pain gone? Nope but it's not as sharp as it was so I have some hope that as the nerves heal and settle down that they will all stop misfiring and being pissed off. I am at the stage where I am having some tolerable days mixed in with the regular pain days which have been normal for a long time. Going back to work next week and that will tell the tale as I hunch over my computer and try to make it thru an 8hr day and evaluate my pain levels then. 

    Numbness in your pinkie and that side they tell me is indicative of neck involvement and thumb and pointer are more carpal. My whole hand on the left goes numb so I worry that even after the carpal it wont be better since I've had all the neck repairs done. I really feel like something is still not been discovered in my neck. Just that intuitive thing that we all have and that has been what has gotten me this far trying to get it fixed bc I keep pushing them to do more testing bc something is just not right yet. Let me know what they tell you when u get it checked out ok? Good luck!

  • Surgeon would not prescribe meloxicam without seeing me.  So, I went to a walk-in clinic (my PCP's office had a next available with anyone sitting at Sept 27th....6 weeks out)!  Walk-in doc said it was not shoulder, but cervical radiculopathy.  He prescribed a week of steroids, then the meloxicam.  He said if it did not get better, to go to PCP for imaging studies.  I did not think I hit the water hard on water skiing, because I stopped when I was ready to quit.  It wasn't graceful, but it wasn't a crazy hit the wake kind of flip.  I ended up with a bruise about the size of a perfect tennis ball in my right calf and an irregular large bruise on my left leg.  So my water skiing ending wasn't a graceful swan kind of letting go.....somewhere in between graceful and a splat.  I will keep you posted, but let us know how it  goes for you as well.  Good luck!

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