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ACDF C5-6-7: I'm 6'4".. struggling.

My surgery was 10 weeks ago. I am recovering well with no major complications. 

I am struggling with practically every daily task, including getting adequate sleep. My entire spine hurts and my lower back and hips prevent me from walking without pain, which affects my rehabilitation.

At 55 years my postural reeducation is a painful endeavor. Just standing up straight hurts my entire spine, different levels taking turns at torment. 

One thing that is especially uncomfortable is looking down for any period of time to perform simple tasks. At my height, this takes impossible vigilance. Just washing hands, dishes, trying to cook and saddest of all, looking down at grandbaby . 

I'm seeing a rehab physiatrist to help me address these challenges. 



  • Algia

    Welcome to Spine Health

    I am glad you are recovering well, after I had my ACDF C4-C7 looking up or down was a problem, once I got into physical therapy things turned around, I have almost full range of motion now.


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