Pain below shoulder. Middle back

I started having pain about 4 months ago on the left side if my middle back right above my waist.  Everyday.....sometimes the pain radiates across my entire back and also to the front of my body.  No injury or illness.  Standing or lying down does not change the pain.  



  • Thank you Liz.  That was very informative.

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  • Lisarlee

    One of my injured areas that hurts the worst correlates in a line where the lower pectoral s and around back 

    At first a buzzing tingly feeling then the pain hits like a fire filled spot on the left where the bones are bearing down on my nerves

    I do have a fractured sternum and a subducted rib which correlates with the pain spot which is also a jump point

    No amount of medication will help up to and including 20 mg of morphine on top of 10-500 hydrocodones every 3-5 hrs.i metabolise medicine extremely quickly. I have to stop and find a place to lay down right then and there to decompress..which is not an easy or convenient answer.

    The T spine "isnt" supposed to hurt because its part of a cage..but it does.

    Your Primary Care should have a spine disc and nerve chart to narrow down what is hurt ,where and why which is important to have checked into by the tests they can run,imaging and other studies to narrow down the issues affecting you and your peace of mind.

     What may or not be a significant issue is what a doc can do best for you at this point to narrow down and suggest a direction to go.

    Hang in there,keep digging with your doc and find whats hurting you.

  • William Garza.   Same here.  I have not seen my primary care yet.  Just got a promotion at work with insurance so i have an appt. September 3.  Have seen chiropractor that did nothing.  Taken Gabapentin because that is all i have access to.  Does nothing but im afraid to stop taking it because when i have the pain is unbearable.  Pain everyday all day.  Cant sleep most nights.  Some times laying down hurts worse than sitting.  Im so co fused.  There has to be a reason for this much pain.  I am a strong woman.  Usually i dont complain about my pains but this is cant go on.  Still working 30 to 40 hours a week but some days i just hit the bathroom and cry.  I NEED HELP and I need it quickly.

  • I’ve only gotten 3-5 hours sleep for ages and still work 20 hours per week. People ask me how I do it. My answer is always “I don’t know.” 

    I’m probably stupid for pushing myself this hard because eventually it could literally kill me. 

    Getting few hours sleep from time to time wouldn’t be that bad but when it’s a regular every day thing for years at a time it becomes a significant health hazard IMO.

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