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factoryratffactoryrat Posts: 10
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i have to get my 1st myelogram next week. i was told it will be unsedated and i was instructed to bring my own pain medicine as none will be provide while i recover in room for 4-5 hrs. i am very concerned as my pain doctor will not do my injections unsedated even though he does with other patients. Not every injection has been bad but even with sedation it is sometimes very hard to hold still as the pain will cause a reaction i cannot resist. this has caused a tear in past, and i do not want to go through that ordeal again. my problem is i do not know who to call. the doctor doing test is unknown to me. new neurosurgeon scheduled test but is not performing it. my pain doctor knows my history but is not involved. i would like something for the anxiety at a minimum as injections generally been a difficult procedure to submit to for reasons above. my pain doctor refused to schedule injection unsedated at last visit (couldn't get a driver so i requested we try it unsedate). called nurse contact for procedure she said call NS that scheduled test, so i tried that with unsatisfactory results-told to tell anesthesiologist- i responded that waiting till day of test was suspect strategy in my opinion, but if i needed and had a contact # i would make that call. I'll take any advice, opinions, suggestions

i've been gone so long i did not know the history/signature feature got dropped so fyi 

2010 ap fusion l4-s1

2013 scs

in pain treatment program since 2008 



  • I have had several myelograms, I have never been sedated per say, but they usually give me 2 valium 15-20 before the test begins, for me the actual test is not that painful, it is not that much fun either, I think I have had 7 total, only one of those was painful and it wasn't because of the injection, my L5 was bone to bone and the nerve was completely trapped, the dye couldn't get through, so that was what caused the pain. Taking your pain medication with you is a good idea, you will most likely be uncomfortable afterwards, laying flat always bothers me anyway. By the way, welcome back, sorry for the reason.


  • When i say sedation i didn't mean being knocked out. I believe i usually get a mix of fentanyl and versed ( midazolam) when i get caudal injections. It's not much but i can feel it and he waits a bit to let it take hold. I gotta admit i like the forgetting part. I pretty sure i've endured worse i just worry about moving and causing another tear. Valium would be fine, but the thought of nothing does scare me. Thanx for the response, it was reassuring.   

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  • I would ask about the Valium at least, I have had a Myelogram with nothing before, the Valium helps you relax, it usually make me go to sleep, of course they will wake you up when the CT part starts, they make me do two complete rolls to stir the dye up.


  • When I had my myelogram I was part of the result end as they wanted to know the second I had increasing pain as they tilted the table so they could look where the dye was at that point.  I don't remember getting any calming medication.  The Dr. did use lidocaine to numb the area before he did the spinal tap and injected the dye.  I did get the myelogram headache which no medication touched, only helped by laying completely flat, I had it for 4 days.

  • I've had the head ache, didn't know they could fix it. Went back in and got patch and that fixed it. Wish i had known. as i too lived with it for a few days before i called. Next few injections went much better and that's why pain Dr always does sedation. Got call back. They do not have the monitoring equipment that pain Dr uses. Told to ask before procedure and ativan may be given. I'm gonna ask for meds and just try to not jerk if it hurts. I can do this. thanx for the support.

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  • MaryAnne59MMaryAnne59 Posts: 36
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    Hi Factory, Just had it done a month a ago at a major University. I had a Lumbar & Thoracic CT after he injected the dye. I didn’t feel anything. They told me to raise the head of my stretcher after the CT was completed. They found that keeping the head elevated & getting out of bed - not lying flat for hours - you were less likely to develop a post myleogram headache. I did have to rest for 24 hours afterward. But, I was afraid to have the test also. I have a script for Valium & I was able to take 5mg. Ask the doc to call you in a dose to your pharmacy. Good luck. MaryAnne

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