The 'MS HUG'

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'Sever degenerative disc disease' and 'stenosis' at C3-4 and

Going on ten years now. The manifestations have changed over the years. Having
new MRIs done in ten days.

Has anyone heard of this 'symptom'. I described it first as a lead filled vest
that was then plugged into an air compressor, so that besides weigh, there was

Then a FB friend said hers was like bungy cords around her chest. And I amended
mine to wearing a corset of chain mail.

After MUCH Googling, I finally found a site someplace that cites the symptoms
of MS very often mimic the manifestations of cervical stenosis occurring at
C3-4 and C4-5. My FB friend was finally ‘diagnosed’ with Transverse Myelitis. She
has lesions at C3-4 and C4-5. My damaged discs are ‘anterior’.

My latest evidence appears to be a loss of appetite and weight. Down 30 pounds
in about a month, but now hovering at 135. I look in the mirror and wonder
where I went!

I can only ascribe this so far to my previously mentioned issues, as chest Xrays
are CLEAR, recent angiogram and cardiologist visits assure a ‘good heart’ and
circulation, CT scan shows zip and an endoscopy revealed nothing out of the ordinary.

For some reason, August 2009 sticks in my mind for my first MRI. This will be the
second. My latest searches yield that these symptoms are all ALSO present with
spinal tumors. It seems the only thing ‘lacking’ is a constant, nagging,
throbbing pain.

If you’ve been through any of this, I’d love to hear about it.

Thanx for reading.



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     Yes I have it, very tight around the chest a little higher than the belly button,,  also feels like I’m wearing a lead vest  or coat. And it is getting worse, read my profile take care and God bless 

  • shadowcatsshadowcat PhoenixPosts: 40


    How do I fond your 'profile'?

    'How long has this been goin' on ' with you?

    I was house cleaning today, and ironically found the CD of my frirst MRI in September 2009. I go in for number two on July 30.

    I've only been experiencing 'the hug' a few months now. Does the pressure affect you appetite and ability to eat? About the time mine started I just totally lost interest in food. It is difficult getting down a bowl of ramen anymore.

    I had to have the last of my teeth extracted over a year ago. My dentures FIT fine, but what ever one does, they are like a neck tie on a v-neck person! But I have phantom tooth sensations yet,and it still feels like I ran onto a flag pole where my front teeth used to be. And my jaw itself is often just achy. I have no teeth to grind, and HOPE I am not crushing my gums. I wonder if any of THAT is stenosis related?

    Thanx for your reply.

    Again, point me to your profile, please.


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  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 478

     Sorry, this website took all profiles away the moderators can explain it 

  • shadowcatsshadowcat PhoenixPosts: 40


  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 478

    Cat, we have great monitors they are very helpful.

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  • shadowcatsshadowcat PhoenixPosts: 40

    I am sure they are. No doubt they had good reason.

    Do you have a text edition you could share with me in a PM? I am somewhat new to the 'hug', and would love whatever info I can find to help cope.


  • Yes! Only mine is only on one side. The sensation is around the area of the last rib, squeezing sensation that almost feels like something is there that isn't supposed to be. I have a hemangioma in my thoracic spine and since they couldn't find a reason for the sensation I've always ruled it as something related to that. 

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,344


    shadowcat's post was date July 2019 and that member is no longer with us.

  • Can someone please explain this message. My log in still works. Is it in reference to someone else?

    Thank mew!

    'shadowcat's post was date July 2019 and that member is no longer with us.'

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,344


    That was me and I apologize. I was letting tmls1968 know that was an older post and I did not think you were still around. I apologize for the mistake.


  • shadowcatsshadowcat PhoenixPosts: 40

    Copy that.

    Still here. Still with ever 'degenerating' conditions.

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,344


    I'm so sorry to hear that. But, if you don't mind, how have you been doing since we last heard from you?


  • shadowcatsshadowcat PhoenixPosts: 40

    Thank mew for asking, Sandra. I wish I had better news.

    I have had
    - Chest and neck MRI: Pretty much C-1 through C7 is junk. Between bone spurs, 'degeneration', compromised nerves, it's a classic train wreck. And they can't get the crane in to clear the tracks.

    - Thoracic and abdominal CT scans - Clearer than I used to keep my fish tank.

    - Pulmonary specialist: 'Amazed' that with my childhood in the 'industrial east, and adulthood in the world's top breeding ground for Vally Fever, my lungs are strikingly clear!

    - Thrice to the cardiologist. 'You have a good heart.' Your circulation is fine.'

    My old GP of 30+ years retired. But he handed me off to another at the same practice. She had me go to a vascular specialist anyhow, who said, as did the cardiologist  after checking BP at ankle and wrists, pre and post 'exercise', 'Your left leg is a tad lighter than your right. But NOT ENOUGH to warrant risk of damaging the structural integrity of the system.

    My appetite continues to diminish. Sliced turkey or chicken, ice cream, and protein shakes. The Mrs. harps me about V-8, but every time I even THINK of food or eating I just tense up and reject it.

    I can sort of feel my 'brain' (NOT my MIND) 'fall asleep' the way your arm of leg does when you cross it when I lie down. Sometimes it is tolerable and I stay there. Sometimes it is not and i have to get up. It does not take long for one arm or the other to go numb, depending on which side I lie on.

    Seeing an ENT on Thursday about the persistent phantom tooth sensations, pains, and difficulty chewing and swallowing.

    Unrelated - we hit a snag replacing our kitchen faucet and have been without for three days. I FINALLY felt up to showered, and have planned to shop plumbing shops tomorrow. 

    Nimbus, our outside-moving-inside cat is recovering from losing 23 of his teeth. He was doing OK, then relapsed and had to go back for antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

    His brother, who has been inside a few years now, since a near-death experience and recovery several years ago, goes to have HIS teeth yanked Saturday, I believe.

    That will be FIVE cats, PLUS ME without teeth!

    I hope I didn't tangent too much.

    In short. It has been a challenge, and isn't going to get any 'better'. Some days and times are better than others. I do the best I can, sometimes hourly, to deal with the physical and emotional discomfort.

    I've been pretty much house bound for a couple years. And Patty bought high-dollar washable masks with replace-able filters and our neighbor made us cat-masks.

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,344


    Wow! You have had a lot going on! And no, you did not tangent too much. Maybe you need to tangent on here more often, it make you feel better lol. It has always helped me having friends here to talk to that go through the same things.

    I don't get out either except to have my pump refilled every 3 mos. It's too hard on me. So I stay home and I don't mind it. Some days are better than others but at least I am still here. I can still piddle in my flower gardens which makes me happy.

    Dealing with the physical and emotional discomforts can be a challenge mentally. I have had a lot of help by seeing a pain psychologist. He taught me a lot about chronic pain and depression. 

    I will be off the forum for a few days, my granddaughter is bringing our great grand baby up for a visit, he's 8 mos.old. We have not seen him since he was 8 weeks. We are very excited. Have a great weekend!

  • memerainbolt...

    For many years, Patty and I attended a Sunday morning ‘service’ held at a nearby naturopathic and allopathic drug and alcohol addiction treatment center.

    It was spiritually based, but you got to pick/develop your own ‘higher power’.

    One thing that ‘Miss Ellie’ did NOT care for in the 12-step programs was the declaration of being ‘faulty’. ‘My name is Whatever, and I am an alcoholic/addict/ whatever.

    She came from the point of all of us being ‘children of ‘God’, with human issues.

    I get hesitant about bringing it up.

    Even while in group therapy, some issues ‘got old’ when mentioned over and over, and suggestions given but not heeded.

    I FaceBook a lot of my emotional issues, as they are something I can change with discourse, opinion, and action.

    I don’t do much about my physical condition. My friends know I am a train wreck. I need not remind them. And I need not remind myself by bringing it up.

    I continue to be an enigma.

    I find it difficult to believe that my stress and depression are subconsciously strong enough to stop me from eating. I KNOW my cells need more than they are getting. But when I think of food or eating, I just tense up.

    And yet we cannot find a SINGLE THING WRONG other than the neuro/skeletal issues in my neck, and my ‘degenerative’ hips.

    MY latest conclusion is ‘Idiopathic Intercostal Neuralgia’. ‘Without cause, spontaneous’, between the ribs, misfiring of nerve impulses.

    It gets worse when pressure builds up. Like when a GERD is developing. My head gets dizzy, then the rest of me feels like yuck, and then the retching starts. Like a cat trying to throw a hail ball. That goes on for a couple minutes, until the BIG burp finally gets out. And the I feel OK again.

    And my neurologist says that nothing in my neck would be affecting discomfort in my chest. That IS why my hands and arms are losing coordination and going numb.

    I haven’t posted much else here, as I have yet to find an answer or solution. I suppose some could find the NEGATIVE test results as POSTIVES and useful in their own search. I shall endeavor to keep up a bit more in my ‘reasearch’.

    I go today to an ENT to see why my jaw hurts, why I feel phantom teeth that were removed two years ago, and why sometimes it is a ‘toothache’, why my upper gum, between where my I-teeth were, STILL feels like I ran into a flagpole, why after I ‘chew’ a dozen times, even in something soft, my jaw hurts and I have to not move it, and why I have difficulty swallowing even liquids.

    Ice cream is the only thing that doesn’t give me grief going in and going down.

    Thank you again for inquiring. I hear back from less than 10 out of 111 ‘friends’ on FB, and my blogs get one or two readers out of the same lot PLUS a couple dozen non-FB people that I alert via e-mail. So I am thrilled when someone reads and replies!

    Meow for neow…

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