acd&f surgeries to C4 to C7

10 years ago I had the above surgeries from 2008 ti 2012 (3 separate surgeries.  I have had constant chronic pain ever since on either side of my spine from my lower neck to upper back.  Have tried nearly every know treatment from acupuncture, facet blocking, reiki, massage and physio and nothing works!  The only relief I get is by lying down and using ice to numb the pain. I would love to hear from others in a similar situation and what relief they have received and how!  Thanks in advance.



  • I had the same surgery, but all at once.  I did receive vast improvement from the surgery in terms of regaining strength and use of my left and relief of tingling in hands and some pain.  Over the last 5 1/2 years the pain in neck and upper back/shoulders has increased significantly.  A CT scan a couple of months ago show that C6/C7 never fused and my body absorbed the cadaver bone that was placed there.  Next month I am having a posterior revision of C6/C7.  Have you had a CT to confirm that all levels have fused?

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    I am also fused from C4-C7, but done in 1 surgery, my surgery is fairly recent and has helped for the most part, if you have not had relief since surgery it may be time for a second or even third opinion, it never hurts to have a fresh set of eyes to look at you.Take care and keep us posted.
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  • Same here. In 2008 I had a 3-lvl ACDF C4-7 too. I haven't had any problems since, although lately things are changing and I'm worried that another problem is starting again in my cervical spine.

    Have you tried neck traction? That seemed to help me, although my discs were completely gone and surgery was needed quickly. Traction felt good though, while it lasted.

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    Hi and thanks for your reply. (I wish I had done traction instead of surgeries!)  Actually, traction wouldn't do any good since I have titanium plates from C4 to C7.  I have tried nearly every treatment known.  TENS machines, Facet Blocks, acupuncture, massage laser etc. etc.)  As I have said, only icing my lower neck/upper back gives relief but that relief is only momentary :-(  

    There is little I wouldn't give for something more lasting, other than opioids which also have little effect after prolonged use.  If there is anyone out there that can relate to my chronic pain and who has been able somehow to overcome this chronic problem - please, please let me know.  I would be sooo very grateful!!!!!

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