Cervical SCS paddle

Hello everyone,

Im writing from Costa Rica, maybe someone has experienced my situation, I suffer from crps2 in my right arm 5 years ago, its been 20 days since my permanent cervical paddle implant at C4-C7 (medtronic-intellis).

What I´m concerned about is the huge amount of post-op pain in my neck and back, is it normal? How long can it take to start to improve?

I would go crazy if it wasnt for my crps morphine treatment.

Best wishes to all of you.



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    It takes time to recover from surgery, even a relatively minor surgery has a recovery period, we all recover diffrently, but if your pain is severe you should report it to your surgeon
  • Updating from 5th week post implant, still the surgey pain in my neck and across my back till the battery as the first day. Hope it will start to get better with the months.

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    Thank you for the update. I hope things keep getting better for you.

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