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I am 39 and i will be getting an si fusion on the 14th of August .... Is the

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    Welcome  KGalloway 
    You may like to join August surgery buddies here is the link

  • Hi and welcome KGalloway
    So glad you decided to join our group and hope you stay. So young to be dealing with this tell us more so we can get to know you.
    It takes time for other members to reply so hang in there. That is a pain that is difficult to deal with for sure. If you want to read up on those who have experienced this problem and other excellent information related to SI joints just type "Si joint" in the search box located in the  upper right hand corner of this page. 
    We are here for you so give us a chance to get to know you and support you through your up coming surgery. If you just want to rant we are here to listen because we care! 
    So are you doing alright and have support plus all the before and after care you will need. I hope so that is so so important right when going through these tough times. 
    You take care 

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  • I just had my SI joint fused last Friday 09/06/19. I'm struggling with no weight bearing, depending on others for so much, and over all feelings of helplessness. Has anyone had this procedure? If so could you share your own experience. I know everyone is different, just really have no one else to ask about this. Most people I know have had lumbar sergury, so they really can't empathize or understand this experience. 

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    Hi there

    I had bilateral SI joint Ifuse 6 weeks ago. I am still in horrible si joint and groin pain. When I try to stand using the walker the pain gets worse and feels like my si joints are getting stabbed with knives. 
    Also everytime I cough or sneeze feels like the Ifuse implants jerk. 
    And when did you start to walk with weigh bearing?
    Many thanks

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