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Bone on Bone lumbar

My neurosurgeon tells me I need a spinal fusion to solve my bone on bone pain at L5-S1.

The disk, after herniating 2.5 years ago, has now disintegrated.

I think I understand how nothing can be done (and I have tried everything) but I still have questions.

Aren't there fake disks that can be put in?

Anyone else have this issue?



  • Hi G55, about 7 years ago my L5/s1 was bone on bone and while on a waiting list for surgery it has fused itself as well as most of my lumbar spine. It’s a real pain but I do cope better with it as it is now unlike my neck and thoracic spine. . Good luck in finding some relief. Harpy

  • You may wish to speak to your specialist about a total disc replacement.

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  • Hello G55.....

    16 years ago I had a fusion at my L5/s1 for a degenerated disk that was crumbling away.   My Orthopedic Surgeon chose to use the LT Cage with Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein technology.  It worked very well for me but now I will be having an L4-L5 fusion on Oct. 28th because there is too much movement at the next level.  I am 67 now and this time I will have rods and screws put in and the Surgeon will be using some kind of plastic disc with my own bone for the fusion.  

    Only your Surgeon can make the decision as to what the right technology will work in your situation. Be sure to ask what technology he will be using and why. You can never ask too many questions! Being well informed will help you cope in the long run.  Also consider getting a second opinion. I did and both Surgeons suggested the same procedure so I stayed with the Surgeon who did my previous fusion.  

    Good luck and keep us posted!  

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