Having hard time with up coming surgery number 3

I understand I doing everything I can. I going for a yet another opinion on the situation from a neurosurgeon this time. However I am not confident in doctors in general and had seek medical care over a hour away when nobody locally would address the problem. So seeing a local neurosurgeon is nerve racking. The usually lose weight, physical therapy, and epidural shots is what I am expecting as nobody has time to fully investigate or rarely the understanding of how medically complex I am. That leaves the actual surgery on August 9th, which I have concerns. I told them to my wife and she didn't seem to understand how much it scares the holy crow out me. My last spine surgery I had issue with my heart and I was placed on continuous heart monitoring during my stay. For the last two months I had been having heart pains and I don't know if my body can handle another surgery. The other concern is that they have missed something and this surgery isn't help and could only make things worse. There is also the medical bill that will come and I have no idea how I would pay for that. I am in so much pain and I am so nervous.     



  • It is very understandable to be scared before surgery, I have had several and have thought about turning the car around before I got to the hospital many times, trust in your surgeon is the main thing, trust in the facility is the second thing, if you have concerns, contact your surgeons office and have them addressed before the surgery.


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    I totally understand too. We tend to make ourselves think of all the bed reasons we should not have surgery but leave out the good. But you have done both. If it were me (and I have been there recently) I would get another opinion on the surgery as well as my heart. And maybe they could find what is "missed".

    Good luck and please keep us posted.

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  • I am also facing my 3rd spine surgery in August.  Due to a life long partial Right Bundle Block and previous heart ablation my Dr is very cautious to ensure I have cleared cardiovascular screening before surgery.  If I were having heart pain I would make sure my surgeon/DRs are aware and I am cleared for the surgery.  Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

  • I received a phone call from the surgeon's office this morning 7/30/19 and they said that no matter what hospital the surgeon goes to my insurance is staying it is out of network. So that means I would be responsible for 45% for the cost of the surgery. I see the neurosurgeon today 7/31/19 for a third opinion on my back. I am trying to prepare myself for worse case and I leave without answers or any decent plan to address my symptoms. I have been fighting this now for over 4 years and some how I have only gotten worse with a brief period of relief after my first surgery which was a laminectomy/discectomy in 2017. I will decide on surgery after the appointment with the neurosurgeon. 

  • Thewedking,

    Have you called your insurance to ask them what hospital is in network?  it seems hard to imagine that they don't have a network hospital for you to use. 

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