CT Myleogram Complication

 I am getting ready to be scheduled for my second CT miler Graham. I had one 15 years ago and at one point after I had been turned back over on my back -after the catheter was in place- my legs started spasming. They bent at the knee and started opening on their own. It felt like my hips were going to snap and they shot me with Demerol to stop it. I can’t find anything on this being a possible side effect. I’m fine with the Myleogram… I’m just scared of this happening again and wondered what it was and what caused it??? Thank you in advance for any help!



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    The only complication that I ever had other than a headache was when the nerve was severley compressed, I had terrible muscle spasms a lot like you described, be sure to discuss this with your provider before the test begins. Check out the link below
    Myelography-Myelogram Video

    Take care and keep us postedChip
  • Hi Salome, I am scheduled to have one on Aug 20th. I asked & they told me I could take Valium before I came in for the test. Also,  I am allowed all my medications also. So, if you could explain what happened to you & ask if they could order you something to take before the test. Good luck. Hope you get a good report & the test goes by with no complications. When are you scheduled? Did they order blood tests pre-op?  The video is a big help. Thanks, guys for the post!!! We can be Myelogram buddies!  You take care !  MaryAnne

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