Debilitating pain episodes - wave of pain husband is the one who is having chronic back pain - mostly in the lower back, but the pain sometimes goes all the up to his neck. So, last night he had two episodes of debilitating pain.  The first one he was seated, so no risk of falling.  The pain comes on and is so extreme that he just holds on and sometimes "checks out" for a bit.  His eyes and nose become faucets as the wave of pain overtakes him.  This can last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.  He had a second episode about an hour later, except he was standing in the kitchen.  When it came on, he supported himself by leaning on the counter.  This wave of pain lasted about 10 minutes.  I've not found any information about this kind of pain wave. Has anyone had this type of episode?



  • I have had muscle spasms in the past that sounds a lot like what he is having, for me, I was started on muscle relaxers and has pretty much solved those episodes.


  • Interesting.  He has been prescribed muscle relaxers, but he doesn't take them very often.  He will usually take them, with a hydrocodone, when he is in a lot of pain.  He hasn't taken anything for about a week, so that might have something to do with it.  He doesn't like the drowsiness that he gets the next day after taking the hydrocodone, so maybe I'll suggest he just takes the muscle relaxer alone and see how that goes.  Thanks, Chip!

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