10 Months with no Diagnosis?

Hi! I'm new to the community... and 10 months into a mysterious debilitating condition that my doctor cant seem to diagnose.

I am an active athletic middle aged female. 10 months ago I came down with a basic flu bug and was in bed for a week. Once I started to feel better enough to get out of bed, I went for a hike with friends up a local mountain. I was tired when I got home but seemed fine before bed.

I woke up the next morning with severe pain down my right leg and could barely put any weight on my right side, it felt like I lost mobility in my leg and could not stand on my toes on my right side at all.

Since then, the mobility in my leg and ability to stand on my toes came back but I have been in crippling pain on and off in my lower back, hips, mid and upper back, and right shoulder and neck. Also my right glute, hamstring, and calf is extremely tight and stiff. It basically feels like I have a tight cord from the bottom of my right calf all the way up the right side of my body to the top of my neck. 

My right shoulder has dropped lower than my left and my physiotherapist and I struggle to keep my hips in alignment now. 

I get nerve pain and tingling in my neck, right arm, fingers, as well as right foot and toes.

All my xrays and catscans come back looking like an average middle aged spine, no obvious problem.

I've seen handfuls of therapists and been to countless dr appointments and no one has been able to completely diagnose me or cure me.

Has anyone experienced anything like this, or does anyone have any insight as to what could possibly be going on with my right side of my body!?

Im on a long waiting list for an MRI.

Thanks in advance if anyone cares to respond!



  • Hi Bumbly, I too experience some of your symptoms, but I also have many more, literally all over my body. Mine started from a neck injury.  I just wanted to say, from my personal experience I intially had an xray that didn't show up any obvious problems and all looked OK in my spine, so like you, my doctors couldn't diagnose where my symtoms were coming from. It was only my MRI that showed up issues. So just wanted to say, hang on in there, the MRI may give you some clues when you finally get one.

  • Bumbly

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    Sorry you are going through all of this, diagnosing complex problems such as yours comes down to the right doctors and the proper diagnostics, sounds like you are on the right track by getting a MRI, just sorry it is taking so long.
    Take care and keep us posted
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  • X-rays do not have the ability to show the detail needed to identify spine/disc problems like spinal stenosis or a bulging or herniated disc.  The MRI should be much more informative.  In the meantime, work with your physical therapist and if you are lucky they will identify an exercise that will relieve some of your symptoms.  I had to see a physical therapist for  full year with no success before my doctor agreed to do an MRI which clearly showed my issues.  Unfortunately, my first physical therapist was operating in the dark with no diagnosis and the exercises I was shown were not helpful.

  • As others have said you need a proper MRI small bulges wont show on an xray.  Getting an EMG test is usually given when symptoms don't go away in a couple of weeks. I had to cycle through multiple types of specialists to get answers (neurologist, orthopedist, anesthesiologist, sports pain management, rheumatalogist , endocrinologist,  and even  a podiatrist. 

    Never a bad idea to go to an endocrinologist  get pituitary, thyroid, bones disease related stuff ruled out. I wound being diagnosed with osteoporosis which went unnoticed by the neurologists and pain Dr's.

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