Chronic neck pain

Hi all, I'm new to this site but I'm desperate to solve my neck pain issue!! The pain started roughly 2 years ago but before I get into that I have to point out that I strained my right side neck about 4 years ago doing pull downs ( I rotated my neck while lifting heavy weight) but the issue was solved in a few weeks (or so I thought) and then had an injury on the same side on July 2016(3 years ago) while I was racking the barbell after finishing my shoulder press set, this injury felt different than the one I had a year before BUT this one was also gone 14 days later more or less.  In March 2017 I woke up one morning and felt discomfort on the  right side of my neck, it felt like muscle spasm/muscles entanglement and there wasn't much pain. This issue refused to go away and a year later I spasmed the left side as well and I began to have burning/heat sensation on both sides of my neck until this day and it began to creep into my desk office job I have which is affecting my work output.

I went to several orthopedic doctors / PT's with only temporary and partial relief achieved. I did MRI, CT and ultra sound to my neck and there was no herniated disc issue detected which says the issue must be muscle/nerve related.

This injury has ruined my life and I don't know what to do about it!!

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    Hi Bila - I wish I had a solution for you.  Chronic pain is not fun and it would be so amazing if the medical community could help us somehow, someway.  This morning I woke up with searing back pain again.  So frustrating.  I often think "I'm done with this life" if this is how it's going to be.  How pathetic is that thought process??  But... I don't mean to make this discussion about me (I tend to be very "me" focused these days aaack!).  One thing I do know about neck pain is that it's very important to wear a good, sturdy shoe.  So make sure you have the best supportive shoe available.  Go to a running/athletic shoe store where the employees are trained to fit you with the correct shoe.    I think it might be really helpful for someone in your situation.  And, of course, try a stand-up desk if that brings relief to you at the office.  I'm so sorry you're dealing with this pain, I wish I could reach out to everyone suffering and just provide a healing hug.  

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  • Have you seen a spinal physiatrist? A consultation with one of them may be worth a shot.

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  • Bilal0690

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    If it were me, I would write all of my symptoms down, when it happens, what makes it worse or better and take them to a spinal specialist, explain everything to them and go from there, sometimes it comes down to finding the right doctor, one that is willing to look into the hard to find problems, a clean MRI or CT does not mean that there is not a problem.


  • Thank you all!! I will look for a physiatrist to look on my spine. But I really think the issue is with neck muscle /tendon injury and I have no idea where to find a good enough physician to correctly and accurately diagnose the issue and then work towards solving it 

  • @Bilal0690

      I am so sorry your struggling to get answers. Alot of us here have been right were your at looking for answers to our chronic pain.

        Onething I've notice on this forum is just how many come here after injuring themselve at the gym. I know being fit is all the rage but as you found out unless you know proper lifting all kind of problems can happen..this even includes my own son that recently injured his neck while lifting..I would stay out of the gym until you find out what's really going on or hire a certified professional trainer that can teach you how to lift properly as it seems from what you wrote you keeping getting reinjured there..

      As for finding answers for your current pain the others said keep reaching out to doctors..dont give up some disc or nerve problems take multiple test to detect..only you know what feel right and wrong in your body..most of us here on the forum would tell you a injured nerve can take a very long time to heal and repeated.reinjury only extends the until you find the cause please becareful..I am only stating this from certainly dont want to end up with a permanent injury..

     Please keep us posted on how thing are going..

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  • Hi,

    I had a meeting today with the company doctor (I work at Intel electronics) and his diagnosis was nerve damage. He asked me to do an EMG to validate that it is indeed nerve damage. What do you guys think about nerve damage? Is it solvable? And if so, what is the time frame for such an injury(depends on the severity too) ? 

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